Once you have signed up for Groupboss affiliate program, you need the link to promote Groupboss. The following steps are going to help you to get the affiliate link of Groupboss.

1. Log in to your Paddle account. Then go to the ‘Affiliates’ option and click on the ‘Links’. Then you will find the ‘Groupboss Affiliate Program’.

2. Now, click on ‘Get Affiliate Link’ and you will get the link that you can use while promoting Groupboss.

Now you can copy the link and use it to promote Groupboss. This link is merged to the Pricing page of Groupboss.

Q: How will I get my affiliate commission?


You need not to worry about your affiliate commission. For payments we use Paddle. Once someone is purchasing Groupboss through your affiliate link, Paddle will automatically split the affiliate amount and add that to your account.
Groupboss has two different pricing plans. Such as :

1. Yearly plan, which is a subscription plan. This plan has got 7 days free trial. So, the user who will subscribe for this plan will be charged after 7 days. And the affiliate commission will be splitted then.

2. Another plan is Mega plan, which has got one time payment. Once an user will sign up for this plan, he/she will be charged instantly and you will get your affiliate commission.

Need a video tutorial? Please, click here.