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Mega Plan Life time
Unlimited Facebook groups
Access to Googlesheet Configuration.
Unlimited Auto-Responders
Lifetime Update to software
Export all data from dashboard in CSV format
Create FB custom and lookalike audience
VIP Facebook group for users
Support in Facebook Page
14 days refund guarantee
Exclusive support through (zoom/skype)
The Best Way For Getting Leads From Your Facebook Group.
You Got A Facebook Group? Let’s turn your Facebook group members data into customer loyalty now. Convert your Facebook group members into your paying customer. Whether your time-saving automation needs are large or small, Groupboss is here to help you scale.
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You have 14 days of money back guarantee

Frequently Asked questions
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Do I need to ask for an email address in the group joining questions?

Yes, If you want to get the email of your members, then asking them directly is the easiest to do that. Facebook doesn't share its database. But, If you do not need emails but still want to use our app to track and manage your group better, you are welcome.

Do you accept payment in PayPal?


What should I do if I want to add more groups?

You can add unlimited groups.

How do I get my refund?

Within the first 14 days, if you do not like Groupboss or whatsoever, we will return your full payment you made.

GroupBoss is so cool. How can I be a partner of you?

Thanks a lot. We made a dedicated page for our awesome partners. Please visit - Become a Partner