You can now collect email addresses from your Facebook group members using Groupboss and sync those to ClickFunnels automatically.

Let’s see how to do that.

⦿ Go to the Groupboss Chrome extension and Sign in to your account.

⦿ Select the Facebook group from your Group list. Then go to Autoresponder and select ClickFunnels and click on ‘Next’

Groupboss chrome extension interface

⦿ Then you will need the API Key, Workspace ID, and  Tag ID. To get all those, sign in to your ClickFunnels account.

Credentials needed to integrate Clickfunnels with Groupboss

⦿ Log in to your ClickFunnels account. Then go to the Team Settings of your Workspace.

Team settings at ClickFunnels workspace

⦿ Now, go to the Developer portal and click on Add new platform application.

Add new platform application at Clickfunnels account

⦿ Now give a name and click on Create Platform application

Create Platform application at ClickFunnels account

⦿ You will find the API Access Token. Copy the token and paste it into the Groupboss Chrome extension.

API Access Token in Clickfunnels account

⦿ Now you need the Workspace ID. Once you go to your workspace, you will find the workspace ID(see the screenshot below). Copy the Workspace ID and paste it into the Groupbos Chrome extension.

how to get workspace ID in Clickfunnels

⦿ It’s time to find the Tag ID. Go to the Contact Tags option on your Workspace.

How to get tag ID in clickfunnels

⦿ Now add a new tag or use an existing tag. Now click on the Edit icon of the Tag you want to use.

Edit button beside tags in Clickfunnels

⦿ You will find the Tag ID in the URL as shown below.

Tag ID is shown in the URL in ClickFunnels account

⦿ Copy the Tag ID and paste it into the Groupboss Chrome extension. Now you have all the data to integrate Groupboss and Clickfunnels. Now click Save to complete the integration.

Necessary credentials of integrating ClickFunnels with Groupboss

⦿  Go to your Facebook group and approve the pending requests by clicking on Approve by Groupboss or Approve all by Groupboss

Approving pending member in Facebook group using Groupboss

⦿ After approving the requests, refresh the contact page of your ClickFunnels account. You will get the members' emails, whose requests you have approved there.  

Emails inside Clickfunnels collected using Groupboss from Facebook group.

So, why wait anymore? Keep collecting leads from your Facebook groups and enrich your contact list of ClickFunnels.