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Groupboss is Ideal & Useful for


Coaches who need more clients


Content creators who want more exposure


Trainers and online course producers who want to sell more of their courses.


Consultants of different segments.


Non-profit projects that need more donations from their groups.


E-commerce stores and businesses that need to create a loyal audience.


Stay-home mom who wants a side gig helping others by teaching cooking, arts, sewing, creative designs, etc.


Community manager for products or services.


Software and support communities to keep the customers informed and engaged.


Teachers who want to manage the online classes and study materials using Facebook groups.


Any FB group owner and community leader who wants to send occasional email updates to the group owners.

How Groupboss helps you to grow your business

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Set up Groupboss in 60 seconds-1 Click Extension Installation.

It’s no brainer setup that takes literally 1 min. Easy login and get all your Group members' data in a single place with all the history. Download and use your DATA as you want.

No more copy-pasting & low level admin tasks

Groupboss automates your workflow and saves you from copy-pasting answers from incoming group members everyday other and low-level admin tasks.If you can save 20 min every single day, that's an extra 10 hours every month. You can use this extra time to focus on your business growth. Kudos to Groupboss !!!

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Emails & Insights of your incoming group members

You can set up three questions to answer while someone joins your group. Groupboss does the heavy lifting work to collect those answers including Emails. You can then use it for lead nurturing and closing deals.

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Lead capture - Lead nurture - Close deals & make $$$$.

Collect unlimited leads from your Facebook group by leveraging the simple Facebook group question feature. Set questions that members would love to answer. Ask for an email address in any of the questions and get those collected with Groupboss.

1 Click Custom & Lookalike Audience - Spend Less Money on FB ads and Win Greater Results

Groupboss will create a custom audience from your group members list using their names and email addresses. You can then use this as a custom audience or create a lookalike audience & advertise on Facebook. This reduces costs and serves laser-targeted ads on Facebook.

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People around the world love us

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For a long time we have been looking for a solution like ‘Groupboss’. It’s an absolute lifesaver for us.Groupboss will help you to retain your data forever,there is no chance of losing any data.

Abdul A Mukati

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