With the help of the following steps, you will be able to do the integration of Systeme.io with Groupboss.

  • Go to the Chrome extension store, add the Groupboss extension, and click the Groupboss extension icon.
  • Click on Configure My Group and select a Facebook group.
  • Then go to Autoresponder and select Systeme.io. Now click Next.
Groupboss Chrome extension icon interface.
  • Then you will need the API Key, and Tag Name which is optional. To get all those, sign in to your Systeme.io account.
Step one: API Key and Tag Name of systeme.io requirement.
  • In your Systeme.io account, go to the Profile option where you will find Settings. When you click on that option, it’ll lead you to another list of options including Public API keys.
Step two: Click the profile option in the systeme.io interface to find settings option.
  • By clicking Public API Keys, you’ll find your API Keys. Copy the API Key and paste it into the Groupboss Chrome extension. If you want you can also create a new API key.
Step three: On tapping the settings option, find out Public API keys where the API key could be copied and pasted.
  • To get your Tag Name go to Systeme.io again and click on Contacts. As two options pop up, select Tags. You’ll get your required Tag name, and if you want to create a new one, you have that option also. Copy and paste it into the Chrome extension and click save.
Step four: Go to Contacts to find out Tags in the systeme.io interface.
A new Tag name can also be created by clicking Create option later to be copy and pasted in the Groupboss interface.
  • Now that you have saved it, the integration is done! Systeme.io should now be in the list of Currently activated within the autoresponder drop-down.
Finally, on copy and pasting the API keys and Tag Name you have now integrated Systeme.io with Grouboss which can be cross-checked in the currently activated option.
  • Go to your Facebook group and approve the pending requests by clicking on Approve by Groupboss or Approve all by Groupboss.
Selecting the option of approval of member request by groupboss will collect the data of the member in systeme.io
  • After approving the requests, refresh the contact page in your Systeme.io account. You will get the members' emails, whose requests you have approved there.
In contacts option of the systeme.io interface, you can find the collected data by Groupboss.