With the help of the following steps, you will be able to do the integration of Groupboss with ActiveCampaign.

  1. Go to Groupboss chrome extension, then sign in to your account.

2. Click on ‘Configure My Group’ and select the Facebook group. Then go to ‘Autoresponder’ and select ‘ActiveCampaign’. Now click 'Next'

3. Then you will need, ‘API URL’, 'List ID', and ‘API Key’. To get all those, sign in to your ActiveCampaign account.

4. In your ActiveCampaign account, Go to the ‘Settings’ option and you will find the ‘Developer’ option. When you click on the ‘Developer’ option, you will find API URL and API Key.

5. Copy the API URL and paste it in Groupboss chrome extension.

6. Copy the API Key and paste it in Groupboss chrome extension.

7. Now you need the List ID. To get that you can use a current list and create a new list. You will find the list ID in the URL. Put the list ID in Groupboss chrome extension and click ‘Save’.

8. Go to your ActiveCampaign account again and click on the ‘Contacts’ option, then you will get the information of the members, whose requests you have approved.

Note: If you do not see the members' email, change the status to 'Any'