The journey of Groupboss began in March 2020. Since then team Groupboss has tried to satisfy the customers with the required features. We would love to thank all the users who have helped us with their requirements and votes.

Groupboss extension is updated and enriched with more features. Based on the users’ feedback and our research, team Groupboss has implemented features.

Onboarding with Groupboss

Whoever will sign in to Groupboss chrome extension, the ‘ Getting started’ instruction will be available. The user will be able to start with Groupboss easily.
To learn more: How to Install Groupboss Chrome Extension and Use It

Change In Google Sheet Integration

From now users will be able to disable Google sheet Url. If you do not want to collect the data in a google sheet you can disable it. If you have configured Google Sheets already and do not want to continue with that anymore, just click on ‘Disable the Url’. Then refresh the google sheet and Facebook window.

Fixed Column For Emails In The Google Sheet.

Many users want to integrate google sheet with different email marketing autoresponders using integrating tools like Zapier, Pabbly, Integrated, etc. To send the emails to your favourite tool from Google sheet, you can now use the fixed column for emails as a trigger.

Configured Autoresponders List

You can now see the configured autoresponders with your Facebook group. You need not to check manually. Select your Facebook group and click on the vacant space of autoresponders and you will see the configured email marketing autoresponder under ‘Currently Activated’

Autoresponder Delete And Edit.

With the new extension of Groupboss, you will be able to delete the autoresponder that you have configured. You can also change the credentials with the edit option. Click on the required icon beside your configured email marketing autoresponder to make changes.

Hyros(MarketHero) Integration Added

Groupboss is integrated with popular email marketing autoresponder Hyros. Groupboss users can now send the emails collected from the Facebook group to Hyros.
To learn more: