With the help of the following steps, you will be able to do the integration of HubSpot with Groupboss:

  • First, go to the Chrome extension store. Then add the Groupboss extension, and click on the Groupboss extension icon.
  • Click on Configure My Group and select a Facebook group.
  • Then go to Autoresponder and select HubSpot. Now click Next.
The interface where you make HubSpot integration with GroupBoss
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  • Then you will be asked for the API Key, and List ID which is optional. To get all those, sign in to your HubSpot account.
Copy paste API key and List ID from HubSpot.
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  • From your HubSpot account dashboard tap on the Settings icon. It will eventually generate the list of settings, just search for the Integration option.
Settings icon > Integration > Private apps > Create private app.
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  • Under the Integration option, skip all, tap on Private Apps, and click Create Private App.
  • Furthermore, fill out the Basic info: Name, Logo, and Description of the integrating new app.
  • Then from there go to Scopes.
Private app interface requiring Basic info.
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  • Further under Scopes, tick on the scopes you want from CMS, CRM, Settings, and Standard dropdown menus.
  • Now just click on the Create app.
Scopes for the new app creation.
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  • A new Tab will generate with a warning, skip it by clicking Continue creating.
The tab with a warning before creating the private app.
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  • Your app is now integrated and a private app is created on HubSpot, which will present the token number. Then click on Show token which is the API key, and copy past it to the Groupboss interface.
The private app created generating a Token number which is the API key for the integration.
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  • Additionally, for the List ID, Go to the newly created app from private apps and look at the https:// at the top, you’ll find the List ID there.
The List ID to integrate.
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  • Copy and paste both the API key and List ID and then click Save. HubSpot is integrated with Groupboss and will be found under the list of Currently Activated.
Integrated platforms will be available under the list of 'Currently Activated'.
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  • Now go to your Facebook group Member requests where you’ll find the new option Approve all by Groupboss, and for individual acceptance Approve by Groupboss.
From your Facebook group member request interface find the 'Approve all by 'GroupBoss' option.
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  • As you approve by groupboss, the email of the approved member will be automatically listed in your HubSpot contacts which you’ll find at the HubSpot homepage>> CRM>> Contacts.
HubSpot homepage>> CRM>> Contacts and there will be all the automated emails from your Facebook group.
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Integrating HubSpot with Groupboss will make your life easy as lead generation becomes effortless with automation—no more repetitive work and errors in potential audience targeting. With the help of Groupboss, you gain a competitive edge in the modern-day work environment, revolutionizing your approach in this age of automation and software tool collaborations.