Frequently Asked Questions

If you are facing any problem regarding Groupboss feel free to contact us.

Do I need to wait for a while after approving the requests?

Yes. You need to wait for a while so that the data can be stored smoothly. If you are approving many requests at a time by clicking on ‘Approve all by Groupboss’, then allow some more time and do not change the page quickly.

I am looking for adding people on automation as friends when they comment on other Facebook groups, Is it possible ?

No. It’s not possible.

Is it possible to send information to both googlesheet and at the same time sync to autoresponder?

Yes, you can do that. You need to integrate the autoresponder for doing so. To know about how to Integrate different autoresponders with Groupboss, you can take the help of our YouTube channel. We have a separate tutorial for each autoresponder.

Is it possible to auto-populate a user FB email account from their profile ?

Groupboss does not have this feature.

Can I install the chrome plugin at home computer and office computer (2 devices)

Yes, you can do that. To do that you need to log in using the same email Id and Password.

Is this extension legal or will I get banned by FB ?

We did not hear that Facebook can ban the extension.

Can I get the free trial ?

Yes, 7 days free trial is available in our Yearly plan

Do I need to go in and change groups in the chrome plugin when I change groups in FB ?

No. You need to add your Facebook group once.

Is it right that I have to grant access to Google every time I add new people to a group ?

No. You need not grant access every time, but you need to keep your Gmail account signed in. But if you have different googlesheet of different Gmail account then you need to grant access every time. To avoid this hassle we suggest you use the same Gmail account for all the groups. You can use different googlsheet for your different groups and you need to configure that specific googlesheet once. After that when you change the Facebook group in Groupboss chrome extension, then your configured googlesheet will be changed automatically.

What type of data sync to autoresponder ?

In autoresponders, you will get first name, last name and email Id

Is it possible to sync the Facebook Profile link in autoresponders ?

So far we do not have the option of doing that. In autoresponders, you will get the first name, last name, and Email Id.