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For a long time we have been looking for a solution like ‘Groupboss’. It’s an absolute lifesaver for us.Groupboss will help you to retain your data forever,there is no chance of losing any data.

Abdul A Mukati

Those E-mails are gold. The missing piece of software that I needed to grow my E-mail lists. If you are trying to build an active Facebook group then it’s a must having tool.

Bruce Kraft Jr.

This amazing app for Facebook group admins. makes your marketing smooth and easy.

Shreekanth Reddy

Highly recommend it for anyone who has a business on the internet. Groupboss is the most effective way, which I've I never think of it before, to grow your email list consistently from Facebook group. It's just a simple tactic but works like a charm. I love it too much and I regret why I know it too late!

Cường Trần

Omar and his team make a strong effort to solve every problem they are very very accessible. The UI is very clean and intuitive . It the better of all of the other systems I purchased. This product is ready for the big time... i dont work for them and i actually paid for the program

Trevor Otts