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Earn high commissions by promoting Groupboss to your customers and get a straight 30% commission for every new customer who accepts your referral. Our affiliate program is handled by PADDLE.

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Write Blog Posts

For instance a Groupboss vs. ________ (any tool you can compare with or can recommend switching from) post. Publish it, share on your social media, post on Facebook groups and send it out to your email list.

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Edit Your Existing Blog

Add details about Groupboss along with your affiliate link to any pre-existing pages or posts you have on how to make a quiz, calculator, recommendation, assessment, chatbot, etc.

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Co-host a Webinar

Co-host a webinar with us that your audiences to your audience and we will be happy to teach free interactive content marketing to them! Sometimes we offer some exclusive discounts as well.

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For Influencers

Insert advertisements or shout-outs in your webinar, Podcast or Youtube episodes along with your affiliate link in the captions. For getting resources like banners, logos, etc please contact support.

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Paid Ads

Put banner ads on your targeted websites that you feel those traffic will convert or run a Facebook ad campaign on your custom audience. Please do not run ads on keywords like - “groupboss”. For more details, you can check our terms and conditions.


Recommended Marketing Solution

Add Groupboss to the Resource page on your website as your recommended marketing solution. Also feel free to try anything else you can think of, Be Creative!

Easy 2 Steps To Start Earning

Get Paid 30% for Paying It Forward

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1. Sign up and get your referral code

After signing up, you will get your own referral code. Copy your personal referral link and share it for a 30% straight commission.

2. Get Rewarded

Once your folks join, you earn a 30% cut for every new customer who discovers Groupboss from your referral link.

What makes Groupboss Affiliate awesome?

Making our partnership official is a huge deal, so in return, we’ll help with everything you need. You’ll get:

No Max limit on referring or Cashout

There is no limit on the number of people you can refer to Groupboss. You can Cash Out as little as $100 and any amount above it. There is no max limit for cash out.

A Custom Dashboard to Track Progress

Check how your referral strategies are working with a dashboard tracking every click and reward. It’s one browser tab we bet you won’t be able to resist refreshing.

Handy Resources and Training Materials

Need some quality enablement assets to put your best foot forward? You got it! You can start referring right away with our training and promotional materials.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Partner Program open to everyone?

Yep! Anyone who wants to join can be a Groupboss Partner.

How will I receive my payment?

Receive your payment the way you want. We use Paddle for our payments. Paddle would notify/settle your payment when you make a sale.

I have signed up for the Groupboss affiliate program. How can I get the link to promote Groupboss?

Once you have signed up for Groupboss affiliate program, you need the link to promote Groupboss. You will get the link in your Paddle account under Affiliates section. Learn more ...

Have more questions?

Please send a mail to “” if you have more queries.

How my referrals are being tracked?

We use cookies to track your referral traffic. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. You’ll get 90 days restarts if they click again.

Groupboss is so cool. How can I be a partner of you?

Thanks a lot. We made a dedicated page for our awesome partners. Please visit - Become a Partner