How To Collect Emails From Facebook Group to Email Marketing Autoresponders Directly

How To Collect Emails From Facebook Group to Email Marketing Autoresponders Directly

Facebook group has become a great source of generating leads/emails. You can do that by asking for the email in any of the questions for the new members. Not only that, you can send those emails directly to your email marketing autoresponders without any middle integration.

How interesting and time saver it is !!!

Ways To Collect Leads

Email from a Facebook group to your favorite email marketing autoresponders.If the question arises in your mind that how you can collect emails from a Facebook group? Then this short write-up is for you.

Yes, it’s possible to perform the above functions using a simple Facebook group automation tool named Groupboss.

Groupboss has got few integrations including google sheet.

Many Facebook group admins collect the answers to the questions in google sheet manually by copy-pasting. After that, they send the emails to email marketing autoresponders through zapier. Because Zapier has the direct integration google sheet.  
But, using Groupboss you can automate the process and save time by sending the emails to your favorite email marketing autoresponders with a single click.

If you are using any of the following email marketing autoresponders, then you can easily send emails to those using Groupboss. Just click on the autoresponder’s name and watch the documentation.

So far, these 13 integrations were added to Groupboss to automate the process of lead collection from the Facebook group. Many more integrations will also be added. If you do not find your favorite email marketing autoresponder in the above list, you can even collect the emails to your autoresponder using zapier integration with google sheet.