How to Go Live in a Facebook Group in 2024: A Detailed Guide

How to Go Live in a Facebook Group in 2024: A Detailed Guide

Do you have a question in your mind about how to go live in a Facebook group? If yes, you are in the right place to learn every detail of Facebook group live. Read the rest of the article to have sound knowledge of how to go live in a Facebook group.

How to Go Live in a Facebook Group

You can go live in your Facebook group from both desktop and mobile apps. You can choose the one that is favorable for you.

But before all of that, you need to add the feature of live video from Facebook group settings. Furthermore, go to Facebook group settings left toolbar >> Add features >> Feature sets. Then tap on Add below the Real-time connections.

Go to Add features to add the Live video option in your Facebook group.
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If you are going to show any presentation or demo to your audience, going live from a desktop will be better for you. Let’s see how you can conduct live in your group from various devices and tools.

Go Live From a Desktop

It is easy to go live in a group from your desktop. Facebook group admins generally do it as there are other functions to manage during the live session.

Let’s see the steps you need to follow while going live in a FB group.

1. Go to your Facebook group and click on Live Video.

The Live video option in your Facebook group homepage.
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2. If you do not see the Live video option there then directly click on Write something. On clicking that you’ll find a three-dot option. tap on that and you’ll find a bunch of other options. Then just select Live video.

Tap on Write something and then go to the three-dot option ot find out the Facebook Live video option.
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3. Now you will get the option to go live or create an event to create a buzz in your audience. You can also post this live or even to your profile, pages, and groups you manage. Let’s proceed with Go live by clicking on the Select option.

On clicking the Live video option, generates a new tab of starting the main process of going live from Facebook group.
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4. This step is very important as you need to set up your Facebook group live with every detail. Let’s break down the steps for easy understanding.

  • At first, you need to connect the video source and there are two options. Webcam and Streaming software. We will see how to go live using streaming software in the later part of this article. Then let’s select the Webcam as the video source. It is the direct way of going live from an FB group.
Connect your webcam and video streaming software.
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  • You can post your live video to your profile, pages, or groups that you manage. Select the pages or groups if you want to broadcast your live there.
Choose the option where you want to make the live vidoe post.
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  • You have the option to go live instantly or schedule the live for later. If you want to go live later, click on the When you are going live? option and select Later. Then select the date and time to schedule your FB group live.
Instead of making your live video post now, make your it later by scheduling date and time.
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  • Now you need to add the title and description. Additionally, try to add an engaging title so that viewers feel motivated to watch your live. In the description write in short about the live topic.
Add your post details for the live video on Facebook group.
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  • Then you have the option to share your screen while conducting the live, If you have any presentation, demonstration, or use caste to show your audience, use the screen share option.
Even have the option of screen sharing while making the live video.
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5. Then comes the dashboard of your live stream. It is the command center of your Facebook group live. You can track the following things in the dashboard.

The dashboard of your Live video stream.
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  • Furthermore, you can see the insights of your live stream. It includes the number of viewers, comments, reactions, shares, and clips during the live session.
  • You can also see the comments separately to know what your audiences are telling.
  • During live, you can create polls to invite votes from your audiences.
  • You can also add the post details including the Title and description if you haven’t added them before.

6. In this step, we will look further into the live settings. There are two parts under these settings.

i. Stream settings include allowing the encoder to end the stream,  stream latency, embedding live to other websites, and publishing or unpublishing live at the end.

The stream settings to set up Facebook group live video stream latency, live to other websites, and publishing , and others.
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ii. There are some essential settings for viewers in this part.  You can customize it in your own way.

Essential settings for the group live video viewer.
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7. After settings, it comes the interactivity option. Then you can set polls, questions, and graphics in the section to maintain better interaction with the audience.

Set the interactivity option to set polls, questions, graphics, or any other.
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8. This is the final step for going live. Once you are done with the above settings, you can now click on the “Go Live” option to start your broadcast. If you have scheduled the live for later, you can check the time and go live at the specific time.

Finally, tap on Go live to start the Facebook group live video.
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Go Live From Mobile

It is quite straightforward to go live in a Facebook group from the mobile app. If you have checked the above steps for going live from a desktop, you can easily do it from your Facebook mobile app.

Go to your Facebook group, do the necessary settings for your live broadcast, and go live.

How to Go Live in a Facebook Group Using Other Tools

You can use other tools to go live in your Facebook group. There are many tools with advanced features for going live in a FB group. In this case, we are going to show you how you can go live using a popular broadcasting tool named Streamyard.

1. To conduct live in your FB group from Stramyard, you need to create an account. They offer both free and paid options with feature limitations.

2. Once you have created the account, add your Facebook group in the “Destination” option.

Create your account on Facebook streamyard.
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3. Now, you will have to add the Streamyard app to your Facebook group. To do this, go to the “Apps” option in your Facebook group settings.

From Facebook gorup settings go to Apps.
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4. Now click on the edit button available right after “Apps” and click on “Add apps”

Tap on Add apps to add the external app for the live video streaming.
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5. Search Streamyard and click the app icon.

Search Streamyard on Facebook group apps.
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6. Now click on Add to get this app for your Facebook group.

Add the app.
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7. Now go to your Streamyard account and select the “Broadcast” option. Click on the new broadcast now.

to start the Facebook group live video with the help of Streamyard tap on Broadcasts.
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8. At this stage you will have to select the destination. Choose the group where you want to go live from Streamyard.

Choose the group of your posting.
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9. Now add the title and description to your FB group live and click on “Create Broadcast”. If you want, you can schedule this live for later.

Create the new broadcast.
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10. Now enter the Streamyard studio by adding your name. You are now live in your Facebook group. Streamyard has some other important features that you can use for customizing your live and giving it a better look

Question: What is the maximum duration of a Facebook group live?

Answer: You are allowed 8 hours of live sessions at a time.

Question: What is the maximum character limit of the FB group live title?

Answer: You can add a maximum of 250 characters including space and other symbols in the FB group live title.

Question: What is the maximum character limit of the Facebook group live description?

Answer: As shown below,  your FB group live description should be within 63,206 characters. Generally, FB group owners do not add such long descriptions in the live broadcast.

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To Sum Up

Going live in a Facebook group can bring more engagement as you are directly interacting with the members. Now you are equipped with the Facebook group live. This article is written in brief. Facebook is bringing many changes and features to the groups. You can explore their use for better community management.