Marketing Managers Share Their Tips to Remain Highly Productive During ''Work from Home'' Days

Tips that will help you to remain highly productive during work from home.

Marketing Managers Share Their Tips to Remain Highly Productive During ''Work from Home'' Days

Work from home allows employees to work from home utilizing company-approved assets, policies, and tools. It allows employees flexible hours and makes employer's jobs easier. Work from home helps employees achieve stuff-life balance and helps companies get work done.

One of the main challenges of work from home is to remain productive as there remains the chance to get distracted. By maintaining a few strategies, it is very well possible to remain productive.

In this article you will find some important work from home productivity tips shared by different marketing managers.

Tip 1: Avoiding Social media distraction can keep you more productive during work from home.

By Omar Nasif, CMO at Groupboss

If your company has permitted you to work from home, you need to keep in mind that it’s a great privilege as you will remain out of many hassles like commuting every day. So, it’s better you keep yourself productive by abstaining from different distractions and time wasters.

Social media is identified as one of the major distractions during work-from-home days. Though many companies use employee monitoring software or productivity tools to manage the work from home employees, this cannot be an ideal solution. You should keep yourself away from social media during work from home. Many times we fall into the trap of checking one message only, which means that we go to check only one thing on social media and then we lose ourselves there. We cannot even imagine that we are spending so much time there.

Again, if your job or task is related to social media, that’s a different thing. In that case, you should also stick to your responsibilities. No extra use of social media for personal activities.

Tip 2: Stay connected to your colleagues and family.

By  Fahim Morshed, Growth Marketer at Bills99

Working from Home is a huge privilege but the distractions around you during a WFH day are an issue that is hardly found in office space. Yet, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to stay disconnected from your office's family or colleagues to stay productive the whole day. Neglecting them for the cause of work may seem disastrous as interaction with them would refuel your energy and help you work with more enthusiasm. You should create a working ambiance around you that enables you to fight distractions. Still, no one would ever advise you to go for complete isolation at the cost of increasing productivity.

So, while WFH, ensure that you are having a regular conversation with your colleagues through different communication channels and giving some time to your family as these little interactions are proven exceedingly important in refreshing your mind and expediting your productivity every time you feel your energy is being drowned out.

Tip 3. Know your deadlines & communication gaps well

Victor Hsi, Founder at

Running a few small publications & a productized marketing service, there’s a lot of communication between freelancers, employees & partners. Having an accurate measure of your weekly calendar, then broken down into a task-by-task timeline & giving yourself some additional time for any screw-ups helps.

Most of the time, there’s no sense of “urgency” if we have no measure of what's going on in the week itself - having a good gauge of your workload will keep you productive when necessary. And make your downtime & rest period much more stress-free.

Tip 4: Organize your working day & Take breaks

Ilija Sekulov, Marketing & SEO at

Organize your working day

To be as productive as possible, it is essential that you organize your working day. This can mean planning exactly what missions you need to complete or creating a  to-do list. I am using Mailbutler’s Notes & Task feature for this so I don’t miss any deadlines or important follow-up emails.

In order to gain efficiency, avoid carrying out several tasks at the same time,  prioritize your tasks according to their importance and distribute them according to their complexity. Generally, the most difficult tasks are to be done in the morning.

Take breaks

Finally, take the time to schedule break times. They are necessary to stay productive in the long term and maintain your sanity.

Take advantage of these moments to get some fresh air, do some stretching exercises, or have a hot drink.

5. Create productive habits at home

Shane Barker, CEO and Founder at

People are habitual by nature, which is why it’s important to focus on creating productive habits whilst working at home. It can be tough at first, as is with all change, but if you make an effort to create productive habits, instead of destructive ones, regarding working at home, you’ll reap the benefits soon enough.

Creating habits that form part of your work-at-home routine will not only get you in the right mindset before starting but should keep you focused during the rest of the work day.

There are plenty of simple habits you can adopt to keep your workflow going at the pace you prefer.

One of the most overlooked work-at-home habits is making the bed. Not only does making the bed keep your bedroom looking tidy, but it’s also a great way to get your mind organized. If you make the bed every day before starting your workday, you will associate making the bed with starting work.

Other habits could include taking breaks after completing objectives, setting a break time at the same time every day, as well as eating healthy and physical activities.

There’s nothing better than a good structure to keep your mind at ease and working as it should.

Tip 6:  Staying Away from Distractions & a Peaceful Environment

James Frederick, Marketing Expert at Citylocal 101

It may sound enticing to work from home, but I believe it is more difficult and requires more effort to establish a calm and practical work atmosphere.

While working from home, we face numerous distractions, such as a noisy environment, social media, or something else. It's critical to designate a certain area and provide it with everything you'll need. As a result, you won't have to constantly move around and will be able to get to the things you need quickly.

It's important to keep the environment pleasant so that you can be more productive.

There is a direct link between the quality of your environment and how well you can focus on your tasks and finish them in the time allotted.

Tip 7: Leverage Remote Work Tools for Efficient Collaboration

Aditya Agrawal, Marketing Associate at

When managing remote teams, utilizing the right remote work tools can significantly enhance collaboration and productivity. Look for tools that streamline communication, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, for quick and efficient messaging. For project management, consider platforms like Nifty, which offer features like task tracking, file sharing, and team collaboration spaces. These tools can help bridge communication gaps and ensure everyone is on the same page, even when working from different locations.

To Sum Up

The world has seen the rise and fall of remote work during covid and post-COVID era. However, working from home has become quite popular and many companies are running nicely on a remote basis. However, the above important guidelines can be useful for remote workers to remain productive.