3 Ways To Improve Your Skills To Become a Facebook Marketing Expert

Marketing experts on Facebook are highly valuable because of their deep expertise. This article discusses how to improve your skills and become a Facebook marketing expert.

3 Ways To Improve Your Skills To Become a Facebook Marketing Expert

A Facebook marketing expert today is a highly sought-after specialty. Facebook targeted advertising is an accessible and effective tool for companies of all sizes, from small stores and showrooms with designer clothes to large brands.

The advantages of working as a Facebook marketing expert are apparent. In addition to exciting activities, it allows work from anywhere in the world, and the salary has no limit. Even sitting in the office, a truly experienced marketing expert on Facebook can have time to implement additional projects on a freelance basis. This article will discuss three ways to improve your skills and become a marketing expert on Facebook.

What skills does a marketing expert on Facebook need?

Facebook marketing skills

Running Facebook advertising isn't easy. Open Facebook's ads manager to see. It's not about a complicated interface. Marketing on Facebook is spot advertising, which has to reach the recipient and interest them with its pitch.

Running ads on Facebook is difficult because a successful marketing expert on Facebook requires to know how to:

  • Identify the target audience. It's not just about age and gender but also about lifestyle, preferences, and geography.
  • Analyze changes in commerce and eCommerce. Facebook marketing experts work with these niches. That is why they must quickly notice changes in commerce and eCommerce to adjust Facebook marketing strategies timely.
  • Use the functionality of advertising tools, which includes campaign analytics. You must know how to launch complex ad campaigns using Facebook, Instagram, etc. Be familiar with Google Analytics.
  • Create creatives with the brand's tone of voice and objectives. It is essential to have basic copywriting, observation, and design skills.
  • Build a strategy for specific goals and test different options as well. Facebook Ads Manager lets you try ads to see which is more effective. This enables you not to spend your money on one ad campaign and consider alternatives if one fails. Also, you can use third-party tools for detailed analytics, e.g., export Facebook Ads to BigQuery and create live campaign performance dashboards.
  • Set aside money for marketing activities. Facebook marketing professionals know a client's typical cost and the appropriate advertising budget.
  • Present creative ideas to the customer. This is an essential skill that is closely related to preparing a strategy and the ability to compile and automate reporting.
  • Create chatbots in WhatsApp and Telegram. This bonus skill will set you as a marketing expert.

Facebook marketers distribute expensive courses and free materials on Studocu to teach these skills. Let's talk about improving your Facebook marketing talents. Moreover, you can work in a digital agency, a specialist company, or freelance to become a Facebook marketing expert.

Working in a digital agency to become a Facebook marketing expert

This is the most effective option for beginners to improve their skills. It can help them become Facebook marketing experts. The digital agency has:

  • Colleagues to whom you can ask questions about the challenges of getting started.
  • Variety of projects in the areas and specifics of clients.
  • Immersion in the world of digital advertising from all sides: the novice Facebook marketing expert will learn to work with designers, strategists, and analysts.
  • Professional approach to advertising production: at the agency, a beginner will learn how to work with large clients and protect ad strategies.
  • Opportunity to make mistakes with minimal risk to themselves and learn under the supervision of a manager.

Usually, digital agencies actively take on newcomers as junior Facebook marketers or assistants. There are always a lot of projects, and it is often easier for a digital agency to grow a Facebook marketing expert internally than to hire an experienced person. So, to become a marketing expert on Facebook, you should consider this option.

Working in a niche company to become a Facebook marketing expert

This is a medium option as you become a Facebook marketing expert in a particular niche, while in a digital agency, you work with exceptionally different niches. Working in a niche company, for example, an agency specializing in Facebook ads for real estate investors, you can:

  • Immerse yourself in the business processes of a particular company and get to know the owner of the business better, which is an excellent background to start your own business in the future or become a niche marketing expert.
  • Study the consumer behavior in a particular industry in detail, which will help you better understand the audience's motivation to buy.
  • Independently establish the advertising budget, giving you as a Facebook marketing expert more room for experimentation and responsibility.

Working freelance to become a Facebook marketing expert

By performing freelance, an aspiring Facebook marketer can:

  • Manage his time, influence his earnings, and take on as many clients as they want
  • Learn how to communicate with clients because they work without a project or account manager.
  • Learn how to position yourself as a Facebook marketing expert to promote and sell services

For beginners on a freelance, there are more risks along the way: therefore, the responsibility for Facebook marketing implementation lies entirely on them. To lose the budget and not achieve results means losing a client and ruining a reputation.

Having read up to this point, you might think it is most profitable to improve your skills in freelancing. But it's not that simple. Freelancers' earnings depend on many factors: whether you know how to communicate with the client, whether you are willing to spend the effort to promote your services, or whether you understand how to solve business problems.

But in the end, Facebook marketing experts become especially valuable because they outperform those from digital agencies and niche companies. An experienced Facebook marketing expert can:

  • Advise businesses or client-side people who need specific advice on handling their products.
  • Conduct an audit of Facebook Ads Manager where advertising is already running - look at it with fresh eyes and suggest new ideas for scaling.
  • Analyze competitors and make recommendations for ad designs as well.
  • Create a promotion strategy so the business can systematically promote itself on the social networks it needs.
  • Make content recommendations for the SMM manager, understanding which content best responds to the target audience.

It is difficult for a newbie to improve skills freelance and become a Facebook marketing expert, but it pays off.


So, to improve your skills and become a marketing expert on Facebook, you have three ways:

  • Work in a digital agency - the easiest way
  • Do a job in a niche company - the medium difficulty way
  • Work on a freelance basis - the most complicated way

Only you decide what way to choose and what salary you have.