How to Create a Group Chat on Messenger

How to Create a Group Chat on Messenger

Getting tired of sending messages or sharing content one by one personally? Stressed out with all these repetitive social media management tasks? Facebook group chat is the easiest way to communicate and share things with more than one person in a single time instead of repeating the same task again and again. One-click is enough to share with everyone instead of messaging, sharing, calling, or notifying everything individually.

How to Create a Group Chat on Messenger From Your PC

  • First, go to your Facebook homepage and click on the ‘New message’ icon at the bottom right corner, or go to the ‘Messenger’ icon where you can also find the ‘New message’ icon.
Tap on 'New message' icon at the bottom left corner or go to 'Messenger' icon to find the 'New message' icon.
On clicking 'Messenger' icon find the 'New message icon'.
  • Now tap on the ‘New message’ icon and find a messaging portal. That’s the first step of creating your group.
  • Then in the ‘To’ section add the members you want in the Facebook messenger group chat.
Create your new Facebook group chat by adding as many members as you want. To add member after creating tap on the 'Add' option.
  • Now give a message. It’s done, you have successfully created a group chat.
  • Furthermore, there will be two icons: ‘Add’ and ‘Name’. To add more members to the messenger chat, click on that.
  • And, through the name icon, you get to name your new group. Once you save it, the chat head name will automatically change to the saved one.
On clicking the 'Name' icon at the head of your new Facebook group chat, you'll be able to change the name of group chat anytime.

How to Create a Group Chat on Messenger in Mobile

  • First, open your Facebook messenger app on your mobile device. Then at the top right corner, you’ll find the same icon ‘New message’.
  • Furthermore, put anyone’s name in the ‘To’ section (they are the group members of the new group chat) and send a message to them. Your Facebook messenger group chat has been created and it consists of those members.
Start creating your new Facebook group chat from your mobile device, by clicking on the 'New message' icon at the top right corner and add as many person as you want.
  • Now click on the member's name at the center of the group chat to customize everything. You will find all the options in a list, including changing group name, adding new members, new member requests, invitation link to the group chat, nicknames, theme, archive, shared contents, and everything.
To find out the Facebook group chat customization option click on the names of your new group chat. Besides, three options are already available for you to customize directly.

Quick FAQ

How do I delete my Facebook group chat?

  • In the top left corner of your group chat– tap on that dropdown menu, and you’ll find a bunch of options in a list.
  • Find the ‘Delete chat’ option, then click on it and it’s deleted.
Go to the Facebook group chat customization option by clicking on the drop-down option at the top left corner of the chat box. Find the 'Delete' option.

Why is my Facebook messenger group chat not showing?

If you find out that your Facebook group chat is not showing, it could mean the chat has been archived. Just tap on the group chat’s dropdown icon and you’ll find the ‘Archived chats’ option. Then click on it and you’ll find all your missing chats. Furthermore, unarchive them and restore them to the main chat of your Facebook messenger.

If you still can’t find them, just uninstall your messenger and reinstall it. That should help you.

How to set funny group chat names?

  • Click on the dropdown icon at the top left of your group chat.
  • Then click on ‘Nicknames’, not ‘Conversations name’. The Conversation name option is for changing the chat group’s name.
To change the in-group names go to the customization list. But do not click on the 'Conversation name' as it is the option to change the group chat's name, instead of 'Nicknames' option.
  • Now all the people that are within the group chat will be shown. Just type any name for any profile and click the tick mark.
The toolbox you'll find on tapping the 'Nicknames' option.

How to do Facebook Messenger group chat settings?

Go to the same drop-down menu of your chats. All sorts of customizations, notification management, settings, and everything you were hoping for to manage and customize the group chat will be found there.

The drop-down icon at the top left corner is the way to all sorts of Facebook group chat settings.

Creating and managing your chat groups is not really a very complicated issue if you follow these steps. While you might already know a bit about it, this blog will clear out everything as it addresses almost all parts of Facebook group chat settings.