How to Manage Facebook Group Notifications

A full guideline for managing your Facebook Group notifications, whether you're an admin or a member.

How to Manage Facebook Group Notifications

Both the Facebook group admin and the members should know how to manage their Facebook Group notifications. Starting from turning on Facebook group notifications to turning off everything is inevitable to learn to ensure a smooth and soothing experience within the group.

Turning Facebook group notifications on or off is not just a binary option. Let’s start with the basics of Facebook group notification personalization:

How to Turn on or off Your Facebook Group Notifications as an Admin?

Admins of Facebook groups are the ones who face the most challenges in notifications management. This specific guideline is for them. Individuals who are an admin of a Facebook group and trying to control notifications from a desktop, laptop, or any web browser:

Facebook Group Notifications Management as an Admin From Desktop

1. In your Facebook group homepage, find the three-dot option. Now, click on it.

An image of a Facebook group homepage by highlighting the three-dot area which is the first step to turn your Facebook group notifications as an admin.

2. On clicking that you’ll find a list of options. Select the Manage Notifications option.

An image with highlighting the 'Manage notifications' option.

3. Finally you are on the page that can help you in customizing and personalizing your Facebook group notifications. Then don’t forget to click on the Save button at the bottom right corner.

Screenshot of the 'Notifications settings' list where you'll perform all the actions to manage your Facebook group notifications.

Facebook Group Notifications Management as an Admin From Mobile App

1. On your Facebook group’s homepage, you’ll find a star icon (a star within the shield) at the top right corner. Click on that icon. Then you’ll see a list that is only available for the admins.

An mage of highlighting the star icon in Facebook group homepage which is the first step in managing your Facebook group notifications as an admin from mobile device.

2. Next when the list of admin tools appears, scroll down to the Personal Settings option and click on it. Then you will find the Manage notifications option.

Clicking on the star icon will lead to the personal settings option and tapping on that will show the 'Your settings' pop-up just like the illustration.

3.  Now, customize the notifications that you want to receive.

The image of the list where you get all the options as an admin to customize your Facebook group notifications.

How to Turn on or off Your Facebook Group Notifications as a User?

Facebook Group Notifications Management as a User From the Mobile App

If you are an Android user, and trying to manage your Facebook group notifications, this part is for you:

1. There is a bar icon in Facebook (top right corner), tap on that. If you can’t find the option, don’t worry just click on the See more option.

Image of a Facebook group homepage highlighting the bar icon at the top right corner.

2. On clicking that, there will be a list of options with suggested groups. Ignore all of those and look at the head of the list (right side). Then there you’ll find two options: the Bell icon and the three-dot icon at the top right corner. Both icons lead to customizing your Facebook group notifications. But the latter icon (three-dot) will guide you directly to manage your notifications settings while the former one (bell icon) is more advanced in customizing your notifications.

A screenshot highlighting the bell icon, and three-dot icon. On clicking the three-dot icon comes the list where you can find the 'Manage  notifications' option.

3. Click the three-dot icon >> Manage notifications >> Notifications list, with; In-app notifications, and Push notifications.

On clicking the manage notification option will lead you to the page from where you can navigate your Facebook group notifications.

4. Now for further advanced notification management as a user, go back and click the bell icon.

An image by highlighting the bell icon which leads to a more advanced notifications management.

5. Then you’ll find two options under the list of Group notifications. First is Posts and Second is Chats. Select on Posts.

On clicking the bell icon, comes two options: posts and chats. Posts in highlighted here.

6. On tapping the posts option you’ll land on this page where you can customize anything you want. While the three-dot option didn’t give you the authority to manage batch mentions. Here, by clicking the bell icon, you get to customize that to simplify your Facebook group management.

Selecting posts leads to the final page where you get the list of notifications management optionsl like In-app notifications, Push notifications, and Batch mentions.

7. Now let’s get back on the Group notification pop-up, and click on the Chats option.

A screenshot highlighting 'Chats' option where the other option is Posts.

8. This option will land you on the page where you can customize the chat (messaging and calling) notifications of your Facebook group.

Tapping on the chats option will lead to the page from where any user can modify their Facebook group notifications on all kinds of messaging and calling.

Facebook Group Notifications Management From the Web Browser as a Member

Similarly when you are trying the process through a web browser and trying to choose what you're to be notified about, follow this:

1. Go to the specific Facebook group and click on the Three Dots and you will find the Manage notifications.

Facebook Group Notifications Management From the Web Browser as a Member

2.  Now customize your Facebook group notifications preference and click Save.

Facebook Group Notifications Management From the Web Browser as a Member

Meaning of the Facebook Group Notification Options

In-app notifications

All posts: You get notified for every post made on the group by choosing this option. Even if you are not in the Facebook app or browser, the notifications will pop up every time a member makes a post.

Highlights: By choosing this option, you are opting for getting notified only for the posts that Facebook feels are worth notifying you. Like your friends’ posts, suggest posts, rising chats, and new chats.

Friends’ posts: Selecting this option will only notify you whenever your Facebook friends make any posts on the group.

Push notifications

Highlights: Get notified only for suggested posts, and new and rising chats.

Off: Here off doesn’t mean you’ll not get any kind of notifications. Rather you’ll not get any notifications except any privacy or policy change of the group, and posts or comments where you’ll get mentioned specifically.

Some additional instructions on Facebook group notification options:

a. Notifications within your app (the notifications/ messages the user gets while browsing an app) either for

  • Receive notifications for all the posts you have done within the group.
  • Notifications for all the stories or highlights from any suggested posts and friends’ posts.
  • Also, get notifications exclusively for posts made by your friends.

Or you can choose to turn all these notifications off. Upon doing that you’ll now only be notified of mentions in Facebook groups and important updates to your group settings or privacy.

b. Also, you have the option to personalize the alerts you receive on your mobile device. This is for push notifications. Mostly it's used so that you do not miss out on recent posts. Notifications for highlights, including recommended posts, can be turned on or off at your discretion under the Push Notifications list too. You can find it in the Personal settings option >> Manage notifications >> Push notifications.

c. Member request notifications are where you can choose to turn on/ off member request notifications.

d. You can turn on/ off notifications whenever members submit posts for approval in the group through the option of Pending post notifications.

e. There is also the option of Batch mentions. Turning batch mentions On means getting notifications when any community members mention you in the group by @everyne. Furthermore, selecting Off will do quite the opposite.

Learn more about this from our blog on how to tag everyone in a Facebook group.

What Type of Notifications Does Facebook Send?

Notifications are updates about your Facebook activity. The types of notifications that you will get from your Facebook app or Facebook web depend on what device (desktop/laptop/mobile) and platform (web/in-app) you're using.

Desktop and Mobile

  • Red Alert Notifications: No matter if you are a desktop or mobile user, this particular symbol 🕭 that appears above is regarded as the red alert notification. The moment a red bubble appears it means you have a notification. The number of notifications you have received will also be given.
  • Email Notifications: In contrast, these Facebook notifications are directly sent by email. Learn more about email notifications. An update of the app, login from other devices in your account, etc are notified by email.
  • Push Notifications: These notifications come out all at once when you are not using Facebook regularly or actively.

Desktop Only

  • Pop-up Notifications: Pop-up notifications are only mentionable for desktops. They are unlikely to appear on your mobile device unless you set them up through your device’s internal functions. The notifications will appear at the right bottom side of your taskbar. Then you can just click and it will redirect you to the notification origin within your Facebook account, or you can just close it down with the X (close button).

Why are My Community Members Not Getting any Notifications?

Some common issues from the user perspective regarding Facebook group notification are, group members not getting any kind of notifications including both in-app and push notifications.

Mostly it’s because they have turned off their group notifications.

The standard procedure for a member to receive notifications from a Facebook group was already mentioned in the earlier segment of “How to Turn on or off Your Facebook Group Notifications as a User?”

However, even after that procedure, if you don’t receive any group notifications then re-check if you have really enabled the options. If not, just give your desktop/laptop/Tab/mobile an instant reboot/restart– this might solve your issue as more than often software hiccups cause such turbulence in your notification experience.

If this is happening with your mobile device– uninstall the app and install it again or consider deleting the cache data.

Why am I Getting Notifications for Everything?

When you turn on the push notifications, you will experience notifications for everything. But it’s an issue if you experience the same thing even if you turn off the option. This happens mostly because probably you recently updated your Facebook app or installed it on your device after a long time. A suggestion is you should turn push notifications off again.

Why are my Facebook Group Notifications Delayed?

Delays in Facebook group notifications or any other kind of notifications are often caused by outdated apps.

Suppose you have a Facebook or Facebook Lite or Messenger app that is older, the updated version is not being installed. Well, be prepared for potential bug-related challenges and delayed notifications.

From a browser, you are unlikely to get a real-time notification unless you customize it on your desktop or laptop.

This is it for simpler and easier Facebook group notifications management. For now, that should do it for everyone or anyone whenever trying to turn on or off or any other type of notification personalization. 🙌🏻

For those who are admins– you should be aware of these functions and make yourself available to these tools which can help you manage your Facebook notifications more easily.

Guided tech helps are the simplest way to reduce your stress which you should interpret, spread, and encourage your members to know of also. The use of such techs to manage their notifications for Facebook keeps them out of misery and inspires more to put them into group activity. Keep them updated with group discussions. It’s a simple yet very effective way to keep your members active and engaged consistently.