New Member Intro in Facebook Group: A Detailed Guide in 2024

New Member Intro in Facebook Group: A Detailed Guide in 2024

To extend your community, you first need to foster a friendly environment. To help you with that Facebook Meta introduced the New Member Intro in the Facebook group last year. It has become a huge help as a group admin tool.

More than 1.8 billion people interact on Facebook groups every month!

The first impression matters most! The more comfortable and welcomed a newcomer feels in your community the more chance you might be able to turn him into a regular member and ultimately a loyal one.

Now the question is have you heard of this feature? Well, if you haven’t it’s surprising because still many Facebook group admins are unaware of this distinct Facebook feature.

This blog is to help you understand the feature, how it works, and how to set it up for your new members or we can say your potential LEADS.

Creating a New Member Intro in Facebook Group

  • First, from your Facebook homepage at the left toolbar click on Groups. Then choose your desired group where you’ll start writing the welcome message.
Go to Groups first from your Facebook homepage.
  • First, you need to turn on the message feature from the Facebook group settings.
  • Go to the Facebook group settings option from the left side toolbar and then select the New member intro feature. Furthermore, Tap Get Started.
Tap on Facebook group settings to find the New member intro for Facebook group feature.
  • Then just start typing your New member intro for the Facebook group. You can do it either by showing your profile while having the hiding option and vice versa. Just finish off and tap Publish.
State your new member intro either showing your profile or hiding your profile.
  • You can now preview your intro message. While you are done, select continue and you are done with your New member intro.
On taping publish the new member intro will saved and generated.
  • Now whenever a new member joins your community, will see the message the first time they turn up on your Facebook homepage.
A new member's perspective of the published new member intro message on anchoring to the new Facebook group for the first time.

Benefits of the New Member Intro Feature

The pros of the New member intro feature are immense if you can use it right and leverage it properly. A fine-tuning of the welcoming message is a must here to get all the benefits of below:

Encouragement and Enhanced Engagement

When a newcomer sees a welcoming message about joining your community they get an encouragement to engage more with your community. An urge to engage is more likely to enhance your group’s activity and content quality.

To sum up further, this initial interaction sets a positive tone, encouraging them to participate and contribute further.

A Highlight on the Code of Conducts and Onboarding Assistance

For newcomers, navigating a new online community can be daunting.

You can write within the New member intro message a structured onboarding process, guiding them through the initial steps and introducing them to key members and resources within the group. You can even highlight the group's major rules and regulations in the message if you want to!

That is likely to make them aware of how to deal with, engage, and maintain this community. It will improve their activity rectification from day one.

Community Building Through the New Member Intro

When individuals feel welcomed and valued, they are more likely to engage with your group's discussions, events, and initiatives. Eventually, they will start a word of mouth to spread your group more helping in building the community further.

Personal Connection and Interaction

It’s a direct message from the group admins to the community members!

So in a sense, the feature facilitates a personal connection between you, the existing members (through you), and newcomers. This human touch goes a long way in building trust that can help you to nurture your group.

Lead Generation

From a strategic standpoint, leveraging this specific feature can also be a powerful tool for your lead generation.

A warm welcome sets the stage for long-term engagement. When new members feel appreciated and supported from the outset, they are more likely to remain active participants in the group, eventually evolving into loyal advocates for your community. Furthermore, a lead conversion.

To sum up, the New member intro of the Facebook group is a message for your new members. It is to welcome them and offer a feeling of belonging to the community right from the start. Yes, it’s the main purpose but that doesn’t mean you can leverage for other purposes as long as they are ethically sound and abide by Meta’s policies.

The more creative you can get, the more could be extracted from this if not new but the latest feature of Facebook groups.

But don’t overdo it. Keep simple and gentle. A clear statement makes things more interesting and engaging.  That’ll do the trick to build a more welcoming, strong, and cohesive community in this modern-day social media-based work environment.