7 Social Media Lead Generation Strategies Every Marketer Should Know About

Know the best tips to generate unlimited leads from the social media platforms.

7 Social Media Lead Generation Strategies Every Marketer Should Know About

Social media platforms have become very important for businesses. By following the social media lead generation techniques, it is now easy to scale the business faster. The world is filled up with a plethora of social media automation tools and every marketer should know about them to generate leads to boost the profitability of their businesses.

“Torture the data, and it will confess to anything.” – Ronald Coase

In 2022, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounts to 147 minutes per day. With this frequent use of digital platforms, users are providing massive chunks of data to the platforms. Marketers can use this data for lead generation.

Per day time spent on social media by internet users worldwide from 2012 to 2022
Source: Satista

Using social media for lead generation can be one of the best strategies marketers have up their sleeve and there are plenty of reasons behind it.

  • Search engine marketing is getting a bit complex with the recent updates in search engine algorithms. It has become really hard for many websites to rank now that previously they ranked without any effort. In order to succeed in digital marketing, these sites are looking for alternatives.
  • The cost of ranking a new website on a search engine for the keywords doesn't come easy.

To keep things in perspective let's start with a basic introduction.

Social Media Lead Generation: A Basic Introduction

Leads are people or users who show interest in your product or provide your business with useful information.
Your leads may include basic information like names and emails to more complex information like addresses or employers.
Leads aren't customers yet - they're just prospects.

For your sales funnel to be filled with leads and to have fresh contacts to reach out to and convert into customers, you need to find many leads.

Lead generation on social media serves the purpose of capturing qualified leads on your brand's social media platforms. Eventually, you can convert them into customers.

Lead Generation Via Social Media: Is It Effective?

Social media can provide brands with highly qualified leads, or leads that are most likely to convert.

Compared to other platforms like email or your website and landing pages, social media platforms have higher engagement rates.

Since users each have their own profiles, it also has targeting and contact information built in.

Through social media, you can find leads rather than have them come to you through organic marketing, allowing you to pick and choose who you reach out to, and find leads who have an interest in your brand or sector.

Social media platforms also offer filtering and analytics tools that assist with social media lead-generation strategies.

7 Lead Generation Strategies Through Social Media

To set things straight and achieve fruitful results against their marketing efforts managers are frequently using social media platforms for lead generations. Here you will find some proven strategies that you can use to generate leads from social media platforms.

1. Special Offer

Giveaways and sweepstakes on digital media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are always a hit. Users love to spread these sorts of marketing campaigns on their social channels. With the help of a customized entry form, you can grab hot lead information. Don't forget to include a giveaway for entrants to share the offer on social media at the end of the form. As participants start by spreading the news, keep engaging and acknowledging them with every mention, and continue building the relationship.

2. Surveys & Polls

Simply ask your audience what they care about rather than assuming! You can gain a big fortune of information from your website or social followers, and polls provide a special method of expressing opinions. Accumulating feedback on how site visitors use your product, their conflicting areas, and their wish list is a fantastic way to improve your product. One of the best ways to get feedback is by creating polls on Facebook. To increase response rates, the best strategy for you is to incentify the users.

"Remember to contact key members of your group who can help promote the poll amongst their own contacts," - commented by Ruban, the co-founder of Property Solvers.

3. Introduce Referral Programs

You can engage your followers with referral campaigns if you play your cards right, but they can be a bit tricky. Friends and family recommendations are a great way to break the ice with prospects, with 92% of buyers trusting their recommendations. Provide both the referrer and the referee with gift cards or cash incentives. Customers may recommend you to their friends as a result.

4. Flash Deals

The next best approach to boost sales for your SaaS product is offering discount codes along with flash deals. You can generate brand awareness and demand with some impressive discounts and flash deals. You can make campaigns more compelling if they include a solid and converting call to action and a deadline. Consumer companies use it to tackle increasing cart abandonment rates.

5. Gated Content

Marketing gated content across social handles is known as the most effective way to generate leads for your business. You can nurture your marketing database and generate new leads when you link posts to landing pages that prompt users to fill out forms.

6. Hosting Live Stream

Another effective strategy for generating leads via social media is going live and interacting with followers and interacting with them in real time. Live chats give you the chance to position your brand as an expert in your industry by answering questions, gathering feedback, and generating awareness about your products or services.

7. Paid Social Ads

Marketers can also run paid ads across various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to get leads. You can target ads on each social platform based on unique demographics (e.g. location, job title, age, industry, gender, etc.). Make sure that when you track the performance of your campaigns, you track revenue and not just leads, using CRM and Google Analytics integration.


Concluding it, social media plays a vital role in generating leads for your business. However, identifying and implementing the best-suited marketing strategy is another story. All the above-mentioned strategies in this blog post can get your business potential leads. But if you are still not sure about going into the uncharted waters of social media lead generation then it is better to opt for professional social media marketing services.

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Naba, senior technical writer at Softception.