Best Social Media Management Tools for Businesses of All Sizes

Best Social Media Management Tools for Businesses of All Sizes

Can’t identify how to stand out among your social media competition as a startup? Unable to increase engagement and establish your brand on social media? Concerned about collaboration in your big team? Here are the Best 10 social media management tools for businesses of all sizes.

Furthermore, with nearly 5.17 billion (63%) of the global population actively engaging with social media daily, businesses of all sizes are running towards social media management tools to optimize their social media endeavors and establish brands.

The increased number of social media users from 2015 including the predictions on the increase on 2025-2030.
Data Sources: Backlinko, Researchgate and SociallyIn

Additionally, the total ad spending for consumers on social media marketing will likely reach around $219.8 billion by the end of 2024. That just solidifies the statement on how big a role social media management software is playing nowadays.

The biggest issue is the inability to decide which social media management tool is suitable for one’s business. “Is it the right tool considering my business size? Will it improve my falling engagement rate? Then there comes the question of money, Is it worth all the money? What about the post reactions and outreach? What is the cost of using it? How about the ROI? Moreover, are the features relatable to my business?”– This blog will further answer all these questions and more.

What are Social Media Management Tools?

Social media management tools are some software platforms that are accountable for various social media governance with the aim of optimizing and making things easier for the users.

Suppose you are running a company and have a number of social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and others. Managing them on different platforms is hugely time-consuming and labor-extracting. Here comes social media management software in play to help you operate all your accounts from a single dashboard.

This was just one out of many features– besides that creating, predicting, analyzing, scheduling, publishing, monitoring, building strategies, getting AI assistance, etc are possible through modern-day social media management tools. In overall summary, businesses and solopreneurs globally are generating millions of revenues only with the help of these tools.

In addition to their core functionalities, modern social media management tools offer AI assistance, streamlining tasks like scheduling, content analysis, and audience engagement. These AI-powered features, such as intelligent scheduling and sentiment analysis, are becoming crucial for businesses seeking to maximize their social media presence and engagement with the help of AI tools.

The Best Social Media Management Tools in 2024 for Businesses of All sizes

Groupboss – Suitable for all types of businesses including Startups (SMBs), NGOs, Agencies, Franchises, Freelancers, and Limited Groups. Fast lead generation.

Buffer – An excellent choice for Startups, Small-sized businesses (SMBs), Individual creators, and Influencers.

Sprout Social – Most suitable for Large and medium-sized businesses including Enterprises rather than Startups considering an expensive standard plan.

Agorapulse – Best for businesses that are growing and looking to fight with their competitors to establish brands like SMBs, and Agencies. Not for the Solopreneurs and Influencers.

Loomly – While plans for agencies may be on the expensive side, individuals and businesses can benefit from the affordable pricing and comprehensive features. Additionally, suitable for Small businesses, Startups, and Solopreneurs.

Hootsuite – Businesses of all sizes can try it, even startups. Best for individuals or businesses that are seeking analytics with visual reports, tracking patterns in demand, and social media tracking tools.

Zoho – An all-in-one solution. Best for Agencies, Enterprises, Small online retailers, MNCs, and Freelancers.

Brandwatch ( – Large entities, Digita Agencies, Enterprises, Limited Groups, and any medium-sized businesses. Considering affordability SMBs should try to avoid it.

SocialPilot – Startups and Small businesses are the target audience of this social media management software.

Sendible – Small businesses, Local entrepreneurs, Community developers, Retailers, and Solo proprietors.

Best 10 Social Media Management Tools


Groupboss is a Facebook lead-generation tool. With this social media management tool you can turn your Facebook group into a revenue-generating machine by generating unlimited leads.

Facebook lead generator Groupboss's homepage.
Groupboass dashboard for users.


  • Price and Planning: Groupboss charges yearly. They have two plans– Groupboss Yearly for $99 and Groupboss Yearly (Mega plan) for $189.
  • Usage Platform: Web browser, Chrome extension.
  • Free Trial: Both plans of Groupboss come with a money-back guarantee of 14 days and a 7-day free trial.

How it works

Are you tired of repetitive tasks like copy-pasting every group member who joins your community? Groupboss automates workflows by connecting to Google Sheets and autoresponders with your Facebook group.

Then it collects data from group members and offers features like custom audience creation for targeted ads. With integrations like, Mailchimp,, Klaviyo, Moosend, and many other email services, it reduces both time and labor in social media marketing efforts.

Learn more about Groupboss from this walkthrough video:

Value added by Groupboss

  • Connects to Google Sheets, your desired email marketing autoresponder; then collects data of all leads automatically to a single dashboard in CSV format.
  • Simple 3-step procedure to integrate.
  • Helps in finding and adding more clients.
  • Creates further exposure for content creators.
  • Useful for trainers, online course producers, consultant agencies, e-commerce, no-profit projects that require donations from their group, community managers, educational institutions, Facebook group owners, and communities that plan to keep their customers engaged and informed.


Buffer might be the most budgeted option as a social media management tool in the current market climate. For businesses with fewer employee numbers, this is a great option.

Buffer social media management tool starting page.
After connecting accounts (or skipping) find Buffer's dashboard.


  • Price and Planning: The plan named Essentials for one channel management Buffer costs $6 monthly. Buffer Team costs $12 and Buffer Agency is $120 monthly. Furthermore, there is also Buffer Basic which is free to use and anyone can connect up to three channels only by creating an account.
  • Usage Platform: Android, iOS, Web browser.
  • Free Trial: All of the plans come with a 14-day free trial.

How it works

Buffer social media management software allows their users to draft and schedule posts directly for various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You don’t need to log in to your social media account.

First, you need to create an account to get started. Then the social media manager tool will automatically ask you to connect with social media channels by building a Start page landing page. When you click, you’ll find the list of connecting channels.

Value added by Buffer

  • Buffer mainly offers three types of features: Publishing, Analytics, and Engagement.
  • The interface is easy to use and control.
  • Tailored posts composer– customize posts for each social media channel.
  • Offers browser extension.
  • Furthermore, export PDFs to distribute to clients.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social combines and operates multiple social media channels in one platform. More than 30,000 brands use this social media management software. SMBs are unlikely to be its target audience because of their high price.

Sprout Social user's dashoard.


  • Price and Planning: Standard Plan $199 if billed annually. Billing monthly for that same plan will cost you $249 overall a year. Sprout Social Professional Plan costs $299 while billing monthly will reach around $399 annually. For the Advance plan– $399 but monthly billing is $499 a year. So by annual billing, you’ll be saving around 25%.
  • Usage Platform: Web browser, Mobile app (Android, iOS).
  • Free trial: 30-day free trial.

How it works

Different tools are available on Sprout Social platforms. Choose the feature you want to enjoy– scheduling tools, analytics tools, engagements tools, media listening tools, monitoring tools, automation tools, and social media marketing tools.

Then start your Sprout journey by creating an account first. Then connect your social media accounts, and set up your dashboard. Now after signing into your account, you’ll find all those options.

Value added by Sprout Social

  • Data-based analytics (Both qualitative and quantitative data)
  • The main aim is to optimize time.
  • Supports mostly all the major social media platforms: Meta X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Furthermore, Sprout’s analytical reports are the center of attraction to every user.
  • One of the few social media management tools that offer CRM features for your business.


This specific social media management platform is best for SMBs for scheduling, responding, and reporting. Platforms that can be connected are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Almost similar to all the social media management tools that are fully integrated. But they don’t have any type of influencer features to follow your favorite industry leaders.

All features of the social media management tool, Agorapulse's dahboard.


  • Price and Planning: You can customize the pricing and planning according to your desire and choice. Besides, they have a Standard plan that costs $49/month. Furthermore, the Professional plan is $79/month, and Agorapulse Advanced plan costs $119/month.
  • Usage Platform: Software, Web browser, Mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • Free Trial: 30 days free trial with no credit card requirement.

How it works

Before you start Agorapulse, identify your social media marketing goals and metrics. If you want to research your target competitor’s strategy and tactics, the competitor analysis will help you in this case. Then to use the listening tool you’ll find the option in the left side icon of the interface.

Value added by Agorapulse

  • Competitor analysis and social listening are what made them demanding in the market.
  • Agorapulse Free– for managing 3 social profiles and one user.
  • Fastest ROI generator in the 2023 social media management software market.


This specific social media tool is creating a fuss among large businesses with branding and content creation. Loomly might be one of the few tools that has integration with TikTok. Besides that, they collaborate with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Loomly social media management tool on web browser.


  • Price and Planning: Loomly Base plan charges $32/month. Standard plan comes with $60/month, Advanced plan with $131/month. There is also a Premium version of Loomly pricing $277/month.
  • Usage Platform: Software, Web browser, Mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • Free Trial: 15 days.

How it works

Through Loomly you can even create a custom social network that allows you to post almost any service as part of your social media management. Set up your account first to get started. Create your first calendar following the ‘Create a New Calendar’. Additionally, different views are available in the Loomly interface– Post view, list view, calendar view and post ideas view.

Then just select your social channel and fine-tune each channel. There you go!

Value added by Loomly

  • Tailored support with a designated account manager.
  • Best for teams with more than 30 people.
  • Real-time optimization of posts.
  • Furthermore, get separate scheduling calendars for each of your social media channels.


Hootsuite is a popular choice but they come with a good price. It has been there since 2008. Most SMBs initiate with Hootsuite and then transit to other social media management tools.

Hootsuite user's dashboard.


  • Price and Planning: Hootsuite Professional charges $99/month. Hootsuite Team is their most popular plan pricing $249/month. Besides, there is also Hootsuite Enterprise Custom for personalizing your planning.
  • Usage Platform: Software, Web browser, Mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • Free Trial: All of the Hootsuite plans come with a 30-day free trial, and the Custom plan even offers a free demo.

How it works

Choose your desired Hootsuite plan, start a trial, or request a demo. After creating and signing in, visit the homepage. Then connect your social channels. You are all set, now start by creating, scheduling, and publishing your content.

Value added by Hootsuite

  • Offers the ability to monitor your social media presence across multiple accounts and keywords.
  • Connect with more than 35 social media channels.
  • Additionally, Hootsuite has the best-in-class X integration.
  • A comprehensive social media management platform encompassing message scheduling, inbox monitoring, and post-management capabilities.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is best for almost all sizes of businesses. Even the solopreneurs can try their free basic plans that come with limited functionalities. Furthermore, this social media management tool was the first one to come up with the idea of managing many social media networks of businesses, agencies, and enterprises from one single dashboard.


  • Price and Planning: Zoho Standard is $10/month, Zoho Professional prices are $30/month, and Zoho Premium is $40/month for businesses. Besides, there is also Zoho Agency and Agency Plus which costs respectively $230/month and $330/month. Then there is this free plan which is available for no cost but with very limited features and functionality.
  • Usage Platform: Software, Web browser, Mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • Free Trial: 15-day free trial.

How it works

First, create your Zoho account and then start customizing it. Start by integrating external applications. Import and add your data on Zoho. Then configure automated workflows, invite users, and start enjoying the features with your team members. Lots of options, easy to get lost and confused while using it for the first time– best to follow some walkthrough tutorials.

Value added by Zoho

  • Zoho Social has integration with Zoho ecosystem which enables connection between various digital marketing tools and CRM.
  • Manage your marketing campaigns cross-functionally and further review your campaign performances.
  • Manage your projects, emails, accounting, and more within a single shade using Zoho CRM.

Brandwatch (

Brandwatch does its social media management based on the cloud that is used for marketing and consumer experience solutions. They are also known as which is one of the best tools for contemporary digital agencies, freelancers, influencers, and individual businesses.

However, their expensive plan has got them on the back foot compared to other types of social media marketing tools.


  • Price and Planning: Their plans vary depending on the type of service you ask for. There are Consumer Intelligence, Social Media Management, and Influencer Marketing. In general, the planning of costs around $300 or more depending on the number of users per month.
  • Usage Platform: Web browser, Mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • Free Trial: No free trial.

How it works

Creating your Brandwatch ( account is a simple process. Register using your email address and connect your social media profiles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Once logged in, the Brandwatch dashboard welcomes you with an intuitive interface. Then this central hub grants access to all Brandwatch features, including content creation, scheduling, audience engagement, and performance analytics.

Value added by Brandwatch

  • Brandwatch offers a content calendar further enabling users to plan, create, and schedule content collaboratively with marketing teams.
  • Create pages with campaign builders for enhanced marketing.
  • The social media management software provides assistance through online guides, tutorials, email, and a ticket submission portal, available 24/5 on business days and customizable hours on weekends.
  • Moreover, you can even track audience sentiment based on’s Listen feature.
  • Besides the software’s own reports, you can create and customize your own reports.


SocialPilot can collaborate with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, and Pinterest. It’s a fully integrated social media management tool for all sizes of businesses starting from agencies to enterprises. But the teams or organizations that are more interested in creating workflows with permission settings– this is the right choice.

SocialPilot user dashboard (Facebook Analytics feature).


  • Price and Planning: SocialPilot Professional prices are $25.50/month, Small team is $42.50/month, and Agency for $85/month. Besides, there is also Agency+ which is the premium offer of the SocialPilot, $170 monthly.
  • Usage Platforms: Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), Mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • Free Trial: 14-day free trial.

How it works

The first step to using SocialPIlot is connecting your social media profiles by Clicking the Accounts option >> Connect Account. Then set publishing schedules, and create your first post by clicking the Create post option. This is just the summary of launching this social media management tool, whilst it has many other features. Additionally, you can download any reports directly from the dashboard.

Value added by SocialPilot

  • Assign team members to different tasks separately.
  • Allow managers to edit and schedule but still retain approval for yourself.
  • Moreover, offers 10 social media accounts managing with any plan.
  • Social Pilot is an excellent resource for finding relevant content quickly because it curates and suggests content from a variety of fields, including tech, education, and health and fitness.
  • Its white-label reports are an additional useful feature that is particularly helpful for agencies and further their strategy making.


Based on integrations, right now Sendible is the best social media management tool available in the market. Starting from Meta X, LinkedIn, GMB, and Canva to Instagram, WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Drive, and YouTube- you can integrate any one of them with Sendible.

Moreover, Digital Agencies and SMBs looking for an end-to-end solution that has a CRM feature– Sendible is the right tool to go for. Out of all the available social media management tools, right now, Snedible is the only one that allows users to create their own customized dashboards.

Sendible social media management software.


  • Price and Planning: Sendible Creator plan prices are $29 monthly, Sendible Traction is $89 monthly, and the premium one– Sendible White Label costs $240/month. Besides those planning, there is also Sendible White Lable+ that costs $750 per month which is for 100 users and 300 social profiles with loads of other premium features!
  • Usage Platform: Software, Web browser, Mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • Free Trial: 14-day free trial.

How it works

First start with creating your account. Then connect your social media profiles and smart compose box and bulk upload overview. Then creating queues and setting up RSS feeds to source content is the next step. Furthermore, monitor engagement with the Priority Inbox which is available on the dashboard.

Value added by Sendible

  • Offers a Smart Queue feature that allows the social media management team to respond to content as early as possible.
  • Sendible’s quick reviews are one of the best features with a good overview of your post performance.
  • Have Google Analytics in their integration.
  • Furthermore, the Canva graphics editor is another attractive integration of theirs (royalty-free images).
  • Automation features to optimize and further your time allocation.