How to Create a Content Summary for Your Social Media Posts?

Write attractive content summary for your social media posts to attract the audinence and let them the whole content.

How to Create a Content Summary for Your Social Media Posts?

Good summaries of social media posts are a crucial element of social media marketing. So, how do you write one?

As of this writing, social media users amount to almost 4 billion (3.96 billion). So, when more than half the world's population is on a platform, marketers, and businesses are sure to exploit it.

That's why social media content posting is one of the key pillars, as it allows over 54% of the audience to analyze specific products and purchases. But, how does summarizing fit into all this? What's its significance in marketing? Let's find out.

What Is Content Summary?

A content summary is a short description of the article's key points. These summaries are used on social media posts to give readers a preview of the post and to encourage them to click on the link. The idea is to provide the reader with a glimpse into what they can expect.

A content summary should be 150-200 words in length, contain no more than one sentence per paragraph, and include an introduction, three main points, and a conclusion. However, a lot of people use a different approach and write point-based summaries, such as:

  • Bullet points about what the article or the link is going to cover
  • A glimpse of what they think of a link, such as posting a link and saying something like "this article covers," followed by a brief description
  • Using social media posts as a hook to their YouTube video
  • Using posts as a hook to their image or video (posted on the platform)
  • Do not be confused with a content brief, which can be useful for your writers to understand the copy you want to pursue.

Why Do You Need Content Summaries For Social Media Posts?

Now let's talk about the importance of social media summary and how to summarize the content. Social media is an essential platform for those who want to find greater visibility for their business. Therefore, there's no wonder social media platforms are a key pillar of digital marketing.

However, it can be hard to keep up with all of the posts that are published. Social media summary is important because it allows users to quickly scan through their feeds. Thus, it helps them find what they need without having to read every post in detail.

The summary also helps you remember what was written in each post because it gives a brief overview of each post in a sentence or two. There are many different ways that people summarize the content on social media, but these are some of the most popular:

  • Twitter Summary: 140 characters or less (because that's a Tweet's character limit)
  • Facebook allows 63,206 characters in a post, which is around 9000-1200 words, but you'll never need that many for a summary
  • LinkedIn allows around 1300 characters

Keeping these factors in mind, many people use social media summaries as a key aspect of marketing their business. It's one of the lures of social media content that allows businesses and marketers to attract more organic traffic to their websites.

How To Write A Content Summary For Social Media Posts?

Writing a content summary for a social media post is a straightforward process. All you need to keep in mind are a few things, such as:

  • The purpose of said summary
  • Whether or not it'll lead your users outside of the social media network (i.e., a blog link)
  • How long or short do you need the summary to be – shortest being Twitter and longest being Facebook

Bearing these things in mind, let's analyze three effective steps to write a content overview for social media posts:

Ask yourself a simple question: Where will you use this summary? Is it going to hook your blog or website link? Or will you use it to give your audience a glimpse of your video or image?

Is it a perspective post? Or something you'd post on Twitter to gain attention towards your image, video, or link? So, before you get started, analyze these aspects and prepare to write a summary.

2. Offer A Perspective

A summary needs to hold the objective clearly. In blogs or articles, not many writers directly address an audience. However, a social media summary gives you the liberty of doing so.

Therefore, you can directly speak to your audience by writing something like this:

"In this article, I've analyzed a few ways to use social media without hindering productivity. So, read it and let me know what you think in the comments."

See how effective that is? It's not only precise but also ideal for any social media platform.

Writing companies like Trust My Paper are confident that a summary needs to hold the objective clearly. In blogs or articles, not many writers directly address an audience. However, a social media summary gives you the liberty of doing so.

3. Find A Summarizing Tool for Your Social Media Posts

Before you write a summary of your own, you can simply rely on a text summarizer to shorten your content. However, picking a summarizing tool should be your first concern in this case. So, pick a reliable and AI based tool.

  • Summarize Your Blog/Text

Shortening the long-form text and hooking your audience with the link, image, or video. Here's how a summary generator does that:

Summarize your blog or text for social media posts

As you can see, around 250 words are reduced to less than 100, making it an ideal length for any social media platform.

  • Shorten or Lengthen It

While you can definitely pick a more extended version, you can always try to rewrite a summary to make it shorter. But, you may not have to at all if you use a summary generator like this:

Shorten or Lengthen the content for social media posts

Here we can see roughly the same length as before. So, what if we wish to make it shorter?

shorter length of the content

We can use a couple of options by simply switching from the General section to Bullets. However, we can go back and try to write a short summary. Like this:

write a short summary

This will bring the word count down to a lot less. So, let's test it out:

bring the word count down to a lot less

As you can see, this type of summary is ideal for plugging anything, such as an article/blog. By adding another line of your own narrative, you can use the same content as your article. In the process, you create a summary for your social media post using a summarizer.


These are a few critical aspects of writing good content summaries. You need to analyze your objective thoroughly and write a summary for social media posts accordingly. Therefore, use a tool, make a goal and write away.