Social Media Storytelling - How to Do It in The Right Way

Social Media Storytelling - How to Do It in The Right Way

Do you want to tell a story about your brand? Want to engage your readers? Willing to share about your brand through unforgettable stories? If yes, social media storytelling is the right way to convey your stories and engage the audience, readers, and people in general.

What is Social Media Storytelling?

Storytelling in social media is a process where different companies, organizations, or personal brands share their stories with a particular set of audiences on social media channels.

As said by Seth Godin, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell”.

Social media storytelling is the heart and soul of content marketing. So, it is essential to make the right and powerful social storytelling strategy.

Storytelling content is usually shared using different channels like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and much more.

Storytelling is found influential as humans love stories. Building the right story with building the right human connection for the long term. It is found out that humans might forget everything else but not the stories that they like!

It is the responsibility of media storytelling to make proper content that resonates with the audience. Storytelling is an art that goes in the beginning middle and end.

So, let us get learn the right way to convey our story on social media. But before that let us get familiar with its importance!

Importance of Social Media Storytelling

Importance of social media storytelling
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Let’s get familiar with the significance of storytelling in social media!

Boost Engagement:

Using the right marketing and storytelling you can connect with your audience. The emotional power of your content can form a long-term relationship.


Analytical Interpretive Essays says that social media storytelling is suitable for both startups and well-established organizations. The reason is that it is economic. Once you start getting fruitful results you can always invest more in this aspect.

Builds Solid Personality Online:

Building the right name might take a couple of years or even a decade. As the social media audience is growing rapidly day by day. Getting indulged there and growing your brand name will be easier.

Engages Audience:

Social media storytelling engages an audience like never before! Customers will get familiar with your brand through engaging stories.

How to do Social Media Storytelling in the Right Way.

Social Media Storytelling is never an easy process, to begin with! But once you get the grip the outcome will be suitable for sure!

1. Know your Brand

Knowing about your Brand yourself is the most important part of social media storytelling.

When you know about your brand, and what services and goods you offer, you’ll be able to convey your information in the right way.

Whatever service or good your brand provides, there are plenty of competitors. To outshine and do the best among the rest you need to know within, you need to know about your brand.

You can’t share about your product unless you know about it! So, first, of all know your brand better!

2. Identify your Audience

Being able to identify the audience is the prime and key point of social media storytelling.

You need to understand who your audience is. How to keep them engaged? What kind of content do they like? What are their customer values?

Once you identify your audience, build a story that will engage them. Say what your listeners want to hear.

To identify your audience, you need to be able to identify their personas. Use facts, and data that will make your content more precise and trustable. Along with that add some emotional elements to connect with your audience emotionally.

3. Write from Reader's Perspective

As a writer, you always need to think from the reader's perspective. When you build your content ask yourself a question, ‘If I was the reader, would I like it?’ If yes, the answer is yes then your content is engaging.

If your answer is no, build a different story or make changes to your content in order to make it sound interesting.

Make sure to create a storyline that everyone would love to read and relate to!

4. Use Social Tools

Using social automation tools is quite useful if you want to do social media storytelling properly. You can simply use stories features available on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and much more.

Utilize the available filters, effects, real-time videos, posts, reels, and much more to create content like never before! You can even add some impressive drone footage to make your story stand out even more!

Social tools make social media much more interesting. So, if you want to build a larger amount of audience make sure to use them.

5. Use Different Storytelling Formats

Don’t limit yourself to just a social media platform. Instead utilize different social media platforms at a time.

You need to understand that audiences prefer posts and videos on TikTok and Instagram, whereas authentic content is on Facebook and LinkedIn. There are different sorts of audiences on different kinds of platforms.

In order to get a collective and large audience, you need to make sure that your stories are reached on different platforms.

6. Include Narrative in your Captions

Images for sure speak a thousand words at a time. But one must not forget the context of captions.

A proper caption will help your reader and audience to have a better understanding of the whole context. So, make sure to add a better personality through your captions.

Captions are the right way to connect through just a few words. Try to make it appealing, catchy, and worthy at the same time.

In order to do so, firstly have a better understanding of your posts, videos, status, and story's whole context. A better understanding of the subject matter will help you write captions for sure!

7. Share Memorable Moments

Don’t make your social media storytelling only factual. Rather make it engaging and interesting by sharing the moments that are unforgettable.

Emotional memories are well connected than anything ever! So, utilize it to tell a story to your audience.

Firstly, list moments that are memorable and convey them through stories. Share memories that are heartwarming, shocking, relatable, funny, hilarious, and many other engaging emotions.

8. Feature Customers

Customers might find another customer more promising. So, while sharing your story try to make sure that it involves other customers' positive feedback and opinions.

This will not only make your content engaging but also helps you to tell a story from a different viewpoint.

Wrapping Up

Engaging an audience is the key part of telling a story on social media!

It is an art that goes beyond a brand and leaves a permanent mark in the mind of people. So, make sure that you do it the right way and gain an ample amount of audience.

If you have any other tips besides the one mentioned in this article, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!

Happy Social Media Storytelling About Your Brand!