How to Boost Your Social Recruiting Efforts

How to Boost Your Social Recruiting Efforts

“Social media is here. It's not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: on social media.”
- Lori Ruff, Speaker, and Author

Social media has indeed proved to be more than a mere platform for making friends and posting pictures.

It has transformed the way people interact with each other through established networks.

Businesses and recruiting professionals can use these platforms to grow their client and customer pipeline.

But how can recruiters use it to their advantage efficiently?

Read on to learn how you can boost your social recruiting efforts and maximize your hiring success.

Let's dive right in!

Why Use Social Media Over Traditional Methods?

It is important for you to adjust yourself to changing trends to stay relevant in today's world.

With that said, you must use the platform with almost 5 billion users worldwide,i.e., social media.

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Here are reasons why you should boost your social recruiting efforts:

1. Get in Touch With Passive Candidates

Social media is an excellent method to make your job postings more visible to passive applicants who might not otherwise see them.

Although they won't be actively looking for a job, passive candidates may find one through their social media accounts.

You can swiftly assess the most relevant individuals based on their expertise and skills, thanks to platforms like LinkedIn.

2. Improves Company Value

Did you know that company culture attracts 20% of the jobseekers?

This demonstrates how an effective company brand and online presence matter, particularly for passive job seekers.

Potential applicants can gain insight into the daily life of a particular firm through social media.

Using social media to highlight company culture is essential for attracting potential candidates and positive employer branding.

How to Use Social Media to Boost Hiring?

Take a look at these tricks to increase your hiring efforts:

1. Build a Strong Employer Brand

A company's reputation and image are critical to potential candidates who are considering a career with that company.

Sharing company stories, employee testimonials, and industry insights can help create a positive image of the company and make it an attractive workplace.

Employees can share their overall experience of the company on social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

You can also create and share content on employee achievements, company events, and employee testimonials to showcase your client's company's culture and values.

2. Post Job Vacancies on Socials

You can use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to post job vacancies and direct candidates to the company's careers page or application process.

Your company's social media networks should be a part of your recruiting marketing plan.

As part of a more extensive employee referral program, you can also encourage your coworkers to promote your postings on social media.

You can use an ATS system to integrate all your social platforms and quickly publish the openings on social media.

3. Constantly Engage Your Audience

You should keep in mind that communication on social media is a two-way process. So always be ready to ask and respond to questions.

At the same time, be careful not to limit your attention to employment advertisements.

Try to engage diverse audiences in the discussion, provide helpful information, and include your brand's distinct tone and values in your messaging.

Talented candidates ought to interact with your brand even when there aren't any open positions. This will help you build a talent pool you can draw from when positions become available.

Joining Facebook or LinkedIn groups also enable you to inform many people that you are recruiting.

To avoid coming out as promotional and attracting criticism, be an active member of groups before posting about job openings.

4. Amplify Employee Referrals

Social media is the best way to utilize employee referrals.

Employee recommendations frequently yield the greatest prospects, and social platforms make it easier for them to participate.

Only a few shares from employees with a significant following can result in thousands of potential candidates.

Quick Stat: Content shared by employees gets 8x more engagement than content shared by brands.

To boost employee referrals, you can award an employee with specific incentives who bring in a prospect through his referral game.

5. Utilize Advanced Features of Social Media

Most social platforms offer advanced features to their users. You can use them to attract interested candidates.

Being the most widely used social network, Facebook is a fantastic recruiting channel for many brands.

Facebook job postings show up alongside regular posts on your company page and under the jobs bookmark. Employees have the option of sharing job postings via Messenger or their personal timelines.

Moreover, job postings can be "boosted" for a price so that they show up in the news feeds of your intended audience, depending on their location, level of education, and work history.

Due to LinkedIn's focus on business, its sophisticated search features provide recruiters a distinct advantage over those of other networks.

It offers a great deal of flexibility and power for locating capable people who might be a match for the positions you're looking for.

In Final Words

To sum it all up, social media reduces the time and effort spent on recruitment tasks like sourcing, attracting, and engaging with applicants.

By using these expert-approved techniques, you can boost your hiring efforts through social media.

Save this handy guide as a future reference and attract top talent for your clients!

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