Top Workflow Automation Tools To Check Out

Top Workflow Automation Tools To Check Out

Does your to-do list resemble a never-ending mountain climb? One after the other you are completing the tasks but those same repetitive tasks keep coming in a loop. Yes! We can understand that frustrating feeling! This is why Workflow Automation Tools are becoming a thing now! They take care of these menial tasks so that you can shift your focus to important ones.

Not only do you save time with these Workflow Automation Tools but also reduce the overhead costs incurred for employing the labor for these.

So let’s explore some of the best Workflow Automation Tools for Your Productivity, Save Time and Overhead Cost

List of Workflow Automation Tools


Integrately is a no-code automation tool that acts like a bridge and connects 2 or more applications in just 1-click. Since it’s a no-code platform, even non-techies can adopt it quickly. Therefore, Integrately presents a 0 learning curve.

You can set up an automation to –

  • Send a Slack message whenever you receive a new email in Gmail, or
  • Add new form submissions from your website directly to Google Sheets, or
  • Post a social media snippet whenever you publish a blog.

And so many more! The possibilities are endless with its 20 Million+ Ready Automation for 1100+ Apps.

Integrately is best suited for

  • Freelancers
  • Startups
  • Businesses of any size
  • Techies & Non-techies


Groupboss is your go-to group lead generation tool. It automates the process by collecting answers to 3 pre-set questions from new members, eliminating the need for manual copy-pasting. This frees up your time to focus on building relationships and nurturing leads.

Groupboss also boosts your advertising effectiveness:

  • Create custom audiences: Target your Facebook ads directly to your existing group members for increased relevance and lower costs.
  • Reach new prospects: Expand your reach with lookalike audiences, targeting people similar to your current members for exciting new lead discovery.

This helps in laser-focused and targeted campaigns which reduces your Ad spend significantly and increases your Revenue as a result. Promoting a Facebook Group can be your ticket to closing more customers and hence Groupboss’s lead generation tactics can be your best bet.


Mailchimp is an email marketing and email automation platform designed to help businesses grow their customer base and increase Revenue.

Mailchimp goes beyond just an email marketing tool with its:

  • Marketing automation: Build automated email sequences to nurture leads, segment your audience for targeted messaging, and personalize your communication for greater impact.
  • Comprehensive data analysis: Track campaign performance, analyze subscriber engagement, and gain valuable insights to optimize your marketing efforts.

This email marketing tool is suitable for any enterprise whether big or small. It can take care of all the marketing efforts for you and help you level your business revenue.


If This Then That (IFTTT) is a no-code automation platform especially built for mobile support. IFTTT plays a major role in Home and Device automation. It is particularly well-suited for beginners and if you have basic automation needs.

Here's why IFTTT stands out for beginners:

  • User-friendly interface: IFTTT has a simple and intuitive UI, making it easy for anyone to create automation without needing technical expertise.
  • Free plan: You can use a free plan to experiment with IFTTT's features to explore the platform and discover its potential before committing to a paid plan.
  • Affordable paid plans: Even if you outgrow the free plan, its paid options are budget-friendly, ensuring your smart home automation doesn't drain your wallet.

IFTTT provides support for 700+ apps which means that all of your essential automation needs are covered.


Workato is the best workflow automation tool if you want to embed automation or AI services integrally in your product. It is an enterprise-grade automation platform at heart. So, it provides a low-code environment and you can get all your work done through chats via Workato Chatbot automation.

Some of the best features of Workato are -

  • Workflow automation: Create automated workflows, also known as "recipes," to connect different applications and perform specific tasks based on defined triggers.
  • Data management: Automate data cleansing, transformation, and enrichment to ensure data quality and consistency across your systems.

Workato caters to both technical and non-technical users with its user-friendly interface. is an all-in-one data analytics and automation platform designed to help businesses of all sizes centralize their data. It helps in easy decision-making. is best suited for folks dealing with huge chunks of data. offers:

  • Data integration – integrates seamlessly with over 50 different data sources, offering pre-built connections for over 500 popular tools. Plus, you can customize how often your data updates to match your specific needs.
  • Data visualization – streamlines data visualization with both pre-built dashboard templates and custom integration options. You can easily create intuitive dashboards directly within the platform, or connect to your preferred tools like Looker Studio, Tableau, or Power BI for deep customization.
  • Data Analysis – extends its services to include consulting in data analysis, data visualization, data infrastructure, and data automation.


LeadsBridge is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) designed to simplify and automate your marketing and advertising efforts. It is specifically designed to integrate the marketing stack of companies with Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and TikTok Ads.

It offers Omnichannel marketing support which means that you can integrate various marketing channels such as CRM, email marketing software, autoresponder, and so much more. channels and ensuring consistent messaging across platforms.

It offers 380+ integrations with which you can easily connect your favorite software with your advertising platforms. Best suited for marketing automation.


Hubspot is like the ‘Jack of all trades’ because it takes care of everything required to drive in Revenue. It is a comprehensive CRM tool that connects your marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.

HubSpot empowers businesses to prioritize customer-centricity. Its comprehensive suite of tools equips you to manage every touchpoint of the customer journey, fostering exceptional experiences throughout.

Hubspot offers 6 core products for your customer journey -

  • Marketing Hub - A marketing automation tool to help you gain high-quality leads
  • Sales Hub - A powerful Sales tool to help your team close more deals and strengthen customer relationships
  • Service Hub - A customer service tool to help you make deep connections with your customers
  • CMS Hub - Website Content Management Software
  • Operations Hub - Sync your apps and curate customer data
  • Commerce Hub - B2B Commerce Software

Bottom Line

No matter what your forte is! These 8 apps will take care of most of the automation needs of your business. Each one serves a specific purpose, so choose the one that can have the most impact on your business.

However, as businesses scale at a rapid rate, you should also keep up with the pace and therefore we have compiled a list of 30+ tools that will help expand your business.

Happy Automating :)