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The Best GroupTrack CRM Alternative & Review in 2024

If you are looking for a tool that can help you to manage Facebook groups and collect leads from there, maybe you have come across GroupTrack CRM.

It has got quite handsome features for managing Facebook profiles and a little for groups. If you look at their pricing, you probably need to think multiple times before you make a purchase. There are many tools in the market better than GroupTrack CRM for Facebook group automation. However, if you want to learn more about GroupTrack CRM, we have got a review on this tool at the end of this article.

If the question arises, what is the best GroupTrack CRM alternative?. You can check out Groupboss which is a premium Facebook group automation software with advanced features.

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So, without further delay, let’s have a look at the comparison of features between Groupboss and GroupTrack CRM.

Features and Service
groupboss logo mobile
GrouptrackCRM logo
GrouptrackCRM logo mobile
Contacts Limit
Unlimited members approval
Limited(Vaires based on plans)
Onboarding and set up
Very easy
Complex set up process
Google sheet Integration
Integration with Autoresponders
27 and many more to come
Zapier Required
Required(Other than few integrations)
Custom & Lookalike Audience
Export all data from dashboard in CSV format
Chat Support
Support in Email
Starting Price
Refund Policy
14 Days
7 Days
Separate Email column
Exclusive support through zoom/skype/Gmeet
Free trial
Free Set Up Call
Tutorial for all features
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What is GroupTrack CRM?

Grouptrack CRM is a social media management tool designed for the Facebook profiles, pages and some options for groups. If you are looking for Facebook profile monitoring, you can check this tool but not for generating leads from Facebook groups.

Why do people look for GroupTrack CRM alternatives?

There are multiple reasons why people look for GroupTrack CRM alternatives. Let's look at some of the prominent reasons-

Very Expensive

Grouptrack CRM is much more expensive compared to what they provide in return. It has got an expensive pricing plan that really matters to many. That’s why people look for alternatives to Grouptrack before making the purchase.

Let’s have a look at the pricing plan:

1. Basic plan- $57/Month and $684/Year for only 5000 contacts

2. Premier plan- $97/Month and $1164/Year for only 10000 contacts

3. Pro plan- $157/Month and $1884/Year for only 25000 contacts.

Complex Setup Process

There are multiple features in Grouptrack and those are difficult to understand. You will need to invest much of your time to get an insight on this tool.

Few Integrations

Another reason for which people search GroupTrack CRM alternatives is, they have got integrations with very few email marketing autoresponders. There are only five integrations available.

Too many bloated features, not prioritized for Facebook groups

GroupTrack CRM has many features for managing social media profiles. But, if you think for Facebook groups only, they are falling back in this aspect. There are very less prioritized features designed for Facebook groups. If you are thinking of leveraging your Facebook group, which is already done by many entrepreneurs, you need to think of GroupTrack CRM alternatives.

Why Should You Choose Groupboss over GroupTrack CRM?

Groupboss is Facebook group automation software consisting of chrome extension and dashboard. As an admin/moderator, you will be able to collect the answers to the questions that you have already set for your new members. Also, you will be able to collect the FB ID link. By integrating with your favorite email marketing autoresponder, you will be able to sync the emails and names of the new joining group members on autopilot. Groupboss has integration with many email marketing software .

On the other hand, having fewer features of managing Facebook groups, GroupTrack CRM is charging much more.

1. Pricing

Groupboss offers cost-effective and reasonable pricing. On the other hand, Group Track CRM has higher pricing options. Let’s look at the difference in pricing between Groupboss and Group Track CRM.Let’s see the difference between the pricing plans to give you a clear understanding?


$45 / quarter

Type of Plan:

Groupboss Quarterly

No of Groups:


No of Contacts:


$99 / year

Type of Plan:

Groupboss Yearly

No of Groups:


No of Contacts:


$189 / year

Type of Plan:

Groupboss Yearly (Mega Plan)

No of Groups:


No of Contacts:


group track crm logo

$57 / month, $684 / year

Type of Plan:


No of Contacts:


$57 / month, $1164 / year

Type of Plan:


No of Contacts:


$97 / month, $1184 / year

Type of Plan:


No of Contacts:


GroupTrack CRM does not have any lifetime plans like Groupboss.

2. Clean and Clear UI/UX

Everyone loves good looks and designs for software. UI is one of the important factors that potential customers consider before purchasing a tool or software. Groupboss has got a clean and clear UI/UX that is loved by its users. Groupboss is super easy to handle and use. You can easily explore all its features within a short time.

groupboss poster

Check the below message to see what Groupboss users are telling about its UI.

feedback clean clear UX
feedback clean clear UX

Source: Groupboss Chrome Extension

3.Higher Satisfaction Rate- Customer Support ROCKS

Customer satisfaction is a great concern for the Groupboss team and they are very positive in helping their users for a better user experience. Groupboss is easy to use and you can learn about its features within a very short time.

feedback better user experience
feedback better user experience

Source: Groupboss Chrome Extension

4. Detailed Tutorials

Groupboss is equipped with all the tutorials needed for better understanding the tool. You will get all the documentation and tutorials on their support page and YouTube channel. These resources are helpful for the users and they can access those to learn anything about Groupboss.

feedback detail tutorials
feedback detail tutorials

Source: Groupboss Chrome Extension

5. Integrations with Email Autoresponders

So far Groupboss has got integration with 18 different popular email marketing autoresponders with all the set-up guides and tutorials. These are:

  • MailChimp,
  • ActiveCampaign,
  • Getresponse,
  • ConvertKit,
  • Lemlist,
  • Snov.io,
  • SendFox,
  • Moosend,
  • MailerLite,
  • Automizy,
  • Sendgrid,
  • Sendinblue,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Drip,
  • Hyros(MarketHero),
  • Gist,
  • Pabbly,
  • GoHighLevel,
  • EmailOctopus
  • Omnisend
  • BenchmarkEmail
  • ClickFunnels
  • Systeme.io
  • Beehiiv
  • HubSpot
  • Platfmorm.ly
  • However, there are many more autoresponders in the pipeline that will be added soon. However, Groupboss team also Add features based customers’ feedback and suggestion.

    On the other hand, you will find only four integrations available in GroupTrack CRM

    6. Refund Policy

    Groupboss maintains a straight 14 days refund policy and you get the scope to use Groupboss for a longer time. There is nothing mentioned about the refund policy on the Grouptrack CRM website.

    GroupTrack CRM Review summary

    GroupTrack CRM is a tool to increase your social media organic reach. If your marketing strategy is based on Facebook profiles only and you pass your time there to find your clients, GroupTrack CRM can help you out in this case. But, you will have to invest much of your time in this tool to understand its functionality. The overall pricing of this tool is also comparatively higher than its competitors.

    As the number of integrations is very less in Grouptrack CRM, you will have to use integrating a tool like Zapier to send the emails from Facebook groups to email marketing autoresponders automatically.

    Let’s check out the Pros and Cons of GroupTrack CRM.


    Multiple features for managing Facebook profiles

    Team feature, but it needs extra payment

    Comment monitoring

    Better customer support


    Very Expensive and the pricing is based on the number contacts

    Fewer email marketing autoresponder integrations

    Multiple steps required to configure

    Quite hard to understand the tool and get started

    Very few tutorials and guidelines.


    So, you have come to know the differences between Groupboss and GroupTrack CRM. Money matters in every field, right?

    Why should you pay GroupTrack CRM too much once you have got the better alternative at a lower price?

    It’s your turn to decide which one to use.

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