Facebook Automation Software You Can Try in 2024

Facebook Automation Software You Can Try in 2024

With 3.049 billion users and over 2 billion daily users,  Facebook has become the largest social media platform in this decade. It’s influencing much in this digital world starting from normal social communication to higher-level business management. Additionally by leveraging Facebook, business owners and entrepreneurs generate lots of revenue in different ways nowadays. Facebook automation software has pioneered these overnight success stories of different industries.

Why Do You Need Facebook Automation Software?

Want to be more time efficient and automate Facebook data collection, scheduling, and publishing?

Hoping to put an end to copy-pasting and repetitive tasks?

Longing to bring consistency to the brand’s social media presence, increase engagement, and overall productivity boost?

That’s where automation tools come into play in the social media. Furthermore, aside from many other benefits, these are the top reasons to use Facebook automation tools in this competitive market.

Maintaining your company or brand’s Facebook profile, page, group, or anything to save time while increasing consumers and ultimately generating higher profit is the goal of Facebook automation software.

Common Features of Facebook Automation Software and How They Function?

Nowadays most Facebook automation tools offer the same sort of features like managing Facebook pages or groups, creating, scheduling, monitoring traffic, data analytics to find patterns, leaving automated comments or replies, answering chats when offline, etc. Besides those AI assistance has become a new addition.

Eloqua was the first marketing automated tool for the web back in 1999 which came with only one function or feature. But now it has evolved and involves many other functions. Similarly, other Facebook automation software came following that too with lots of other new features. Overall, these are the common functions and features that can be expected in almost all automated social media manager tools:

  • Sharing and reacting to posts and statuses across different Facebook groups, profiles, or pages at short notice of time.
  • Collecting data automatically to generate leads.
  • Answering potential consumers when not online.
  • Automatically accepting member requests, accepting or rejecting pending requests at once by automated filtering.
  • Leaving and replying to comments, posting images, or sharing statuses.
  • Furthermore, managing mass invitations to events, pages, and groups.

Here's the reality check about social media automation in this decade: these software are just mere tools to simplify tasks, not a substitute for your personal touch. Also, Relying on them much will depreciate your brand’s authenticity leading to consumer engagement declination.

Bad automation like buying followers (which is almost similar to buying individuals to party with you), cross-posting automated messages from other networks, automated engagements (turns things into spamming), repetitive automated replies, and fully bot customer service should be avoided. If not, instead of automation being the angel who uplifts your Facebook influence and generates growth will turn out to be the evil and cause of your brand’s downfall.

Top Facebook Automation Software

Here you will find a list of some premium Facebook automation tools that will make your life easier and automate strategies to increase your brand’s visibility in social media.


Groupboss is a Facebook automation software that helps you collect leads from your Facebook groups. Also, integrates other software to make things simpler. Furthermore, they are super easy to use. Step-by-step instructions are available both in documented and video form.

By setting Facebook group screening questions, you can filter the new joining members. You can also ask for email addresses for further campaigns in any of the questions. With the help of this automated tool, you save the answers to the Facebook group questions to a shareable Google sheet, your dashboard, and emails of the integrated email marketing autoresponders.

Groupboss plan and pricing

Groupboss yearly is the most popular plan of this Facebook automation software. This plan costs around $99 per year with a free trial of 7 days. The other plan is Groupboss yearly (Mega plan) which costs $189 annually. This also has a seven-day free trial.

Groupboss Facebook automation software two pricing per plans

Top features of Groupboss

  • Google sheet integration.
  • Multiple email marketing autoresponder integration.
  • Dedicated dashboard for saving Facebook group questions’ answers.
  • Excess to download data in both Excel and CSV format.
  • One-click custom and lookalike audience generation.


Hootsuite is considered one of the top Facebook automation software because of its user-friendliness and simplicity. It helps you do your management of all social media platforms including Facebook from one dashboard. Furthermore, their user number of 200,000+ is just proof of the fact that how popular they are in the market right now.

Starting from monitoring, and scheduling to commenting, replying, and bulk posting– every necessary thing can be automated with this software. Additionally, there are four tabs in the Hootsuite dashboard; stream section, inbox, publisher, and analytics (check out the performance of your posts).

Hootsuite plan and pricing

Hootsuite Facebook automation software offers plan-based pricing. If you are a starter, you’ll have a 30-day free trial but with limited benefits and features usability. Their Team plan is their most popular plan right now. This one costs $249 per month. Professional plan comes with the lowest price of $99/month while the Enterprise plan is a custom plan where you can add 5+ users and 50 social accounts. The pricing is calculated according to your customization.

Hootsuite social media automation tool pricing and plans with all the features in each plan involved.

Top features of Hootsuite

  • Facebook video content or any other visual content publishing and scheduling.
  • Automated custom reports to identify task progress or track goal progression.
  • Facebook message posting planning.
  • Assigning tasks to your group so they may oversee posted content, comments, and private messages.
  • Global campaigns while maintaining distinct and preferred time zones.
  • Manage, control, and monitor all social media accounts from all platforms from a single dashboard of Hootsuite.
  • Offers managing authority from Android, iPhone, and iPad.


Promorepublic is another renowned Facebook automation software. Right now they are trusted by more than 50,000 multi-location brands, local businesses, and marketing agencies. The automated software is most suited for teams or individuals with multiple pages, groups, or profiles across various platforms including Facebook.

Furthermore, if you are looking to turn your Facebook raw marketing data into business intelligence, grow visibility in local search, improve brand consistency, optimize listings at scale, manage social media marketing, and collect data in one dashboard; this is the perfect tool for you.

Promorepublic plan and pricing

Both monthly and yearly billing is available here. Billing yearly will save you around 25% at least. Priomorepublic comes with three types of plans: Small business plan ($49/month), Agency plan ($79/month), and Multi-location plan(custom). They also offer some additional specific premium solutions.

Promorepublic plans and pricing.

Top features of Promorepublic

  • Their newest and one of the most popular features of contemporary time is business intelligence.
  • Multiple channel integration.
  • Instant posting in different Facebook channels.
  • Scheduling posts for later.
  • Managing and keeping track of contents on the calendar.
  • Inbuilt photo editor with many templates.


Are you stressed with scheduling your statuses again and again? posting one after another? Can not find a way to recycle? Publer automation tool is here to help you collaborate, schedule, and analyze your posts for almost all types of social media. Their social media platform management includes; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, and WordPress.

Furthermore, this cloud-based social media management software is great for all sizes of organizations. Starting from bulk posting, auto-scheduling, links, media uploads, team collaborations, and all others could be automated here based on the plan you purchase. There’s also an analytics feature.

Publer plan and pricing

Publer has a free version. Through that, you can afford up to 3 social accounts, one workspace, 10 pending scheduled posts per account, 25 saved drafts, and 24-hour post-history. Also, free trials on paid features, and Link in Bio for Instagram without any costs!

The paid plans are– Professional ($9.60/month), and Business ($16.80/month).

Publer detailed pricing and plans.

Top features of Publer

  • OpenAI integration and unlimited AI prompts.
  • Clean interface, and UI with user-friendliness.
  • Customer support.
  • Data-driven automated systematic computational analysis.
  • Automatic scheduling and Bulk scheduling if required.
  • Cross-promotion of all social media platforms.
  • Automated publishing, scheduling, and content management.
  • RSS feeds, Publer Hashtag analysis, PDF & CSV analytics reports.
  • Additionally, mobile apps, Instagram feed preview, built-in photo editor, shortcodes, link shortening, and browser extensions are also available.


The design aim of Agorapulse Facebook automation software is especially for agencies, marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. With the help of this tool, you can manage, schedule, and publish all your social media content including messages. Agorapulse also offers to monitor social channels on Facebook, and data-based performance reports in one singular place. Furthermore, they have the feature of identifying key influencers.

Besides Facebook, this automation tool can also support Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. In the dashboard, you can add social profiles, connect ad accounts, and organize multiple profiles.

Agorapulse plan and pricing

Their Standard plan comes with 10 social profiles costing $49 per month and adding a new profile after that– for each additional profile $10/month. The Professional plan comes with $79 per month and the Advanced plan costs $119 per month and is free for the first 30 days (no card required).

All four plans and their pricing of Agorapulse.

The features of Agorapulse

  • Queuing, scheduling, rescheduling, and bulk posting– all are available on Agoraplus.
  • Have a large-size content library.
  • Analytics on the ROI of your engagement, automated content strategy, and downloadable CSV and PPT files.
  • Offers shared calendars (the number might deviate based on the purchased plan).
  • Search, manage your messages, or comments, or mentions, and filter. Additionally, it will allow you to add comments and other required messages.
  • Furthermore, allocate and analyze automatically– the tasks of your team, draft posts, messages, reactions, and comments.


The main automated functions of SocialBee are publishing, engaging, analyzing, collaborating, and streamlining your Facebook posts.

SocialBee plan and pricing

Their planning offer comes with a 14-day free trial and no credit card is required! Bootstrap ($24/month), Accelerate ($40/month), and Pro ($82/month) are the pricing plans of SocialBee. Additionally, all three of them offer a free trial per month.

SocialBee facebook automation software pricing and plans.

Top features of SocialBee

  • In-app integrations like Canva, Unsplash, and GIPHY for designing visually appealing content for your feeds.
  • Full-time AI assistant to generate your entire social media marketing strategy.
  • Scheduling of your posts in advance (Besides that direct time suggestions for posts and strategic planning)
  • Analyzing key metrics like engagement rate or reach to find out your top-performing posts, contents, or statuses to generate enhanced ideas next time.
  • Additionally, option to connect with followers and build a community with automated comments, DMs, and mentions.


Missinglettr is another powerful AI-based British Facebook automation software used worldwide. Their popularity peaked because of their unique feature of creating content automatically from blog posts.

You are already saving hours by automatically creating content. If you are running Facebook groups and pages, Missinglettr is a must. Besides Facebook, the tool is also supported by LinkedIn and Twitter.

Missinglettr plan and pricing

Missinglettr has three other pricing plans aside from the free version. Two of them are Solo ($15/month), and Pro ($59/month) which is the most popular one among the consumers. Besides, there is also a Premium plan of $99/month. Both of them can be billed monthly or annually. Furthermore, having annual billing instead of monthly will save a decent amount of cost. With a subscription get a free 14-day trial at the beginning.

Missinglettr social media management tool pricing and plans.

Top features of Missinglettr

  • Convert your articles into social media campaigns with the help of RSS feeds.
  • Automated scheduling including your posts.
  • Furthermore, Missinglettr lets you get your content approved by your client or anyone you invite.
  • Automated brand marketing by creating templates and configuring settings that match your brand style.
  • The number of clicks generated by your campaign will offer you automated reports.
  • Additionally, make your URLs shorter with the help of PixelMe, replug, bit.ly, or Short.CM.


Worried about streamlining your Facebook marketing tasks? Spending too much time yet nothing fruitful? With IFTT you can automate all sorts of web-based activities as many times as you want.

The best part is, that this Facebook automation tool is totally free of cost! Everything in the dashboard; Applets, My applets, and blogging are free to use. Just the quantity is to change if you make a subscription. Besides Facebook manage other platforms also. Instagram, Pinterest, Digg, Tumblr, Reddit, etc are included here.

IFTTT plan and pricing

Even though IFTTT is free, you have the option to increase the features' quantity and quality. It’s a subscription-based tool.  For instance, with IFTTT Pro ($2.92/month), you can get 20 Applets while the free version offers only 3 Applets. Additionally, the Applet speeds increase, rate limits, and enhanced customer support. IFTTT Pro+ is more advanced with a cost of $12.50/month. Furthermore, both of the plans are billed annually.

In-detail pricing and planning of IFTTT social media automation tool.

Top features of IFTTT

  • Seamless automated scheduling of your Facebook posts within the software using Google Calendar integration.
  • From specific hashtags of IFTTT generate Twitter lists directly.
  • Multiple social media channel control and further management within the app.
  • Instagram images are automatically shared on your Facebook pages.
  • Post Instagram images as native pictures on Twitter.
  • Additionally, archive favorite tweets into a convenient Google spreadsheet.


Planly is an automated Facebook scheduler software. A good variety and quantity of integrations, and an advanced dashboard with a drag-and-drop calendar are what made this Facebook automation software trending. Additionally, they are easy to use.

Just connect your accounts– Add Social Channel >> Social media platforms. To automate posts– New Schedule >> Select channel >> Write post content >> Write  First comment >> Edit time and date >> Click Schedule or save as draft. Additionally, there is also the option of generating captions and adding team members to the Planly dashboard. Similarly, follow these steps Settings >> Teams >> Edit My team >>  User >> Invite user.

Planly plan and pricing

The most popular pricing plan of Planly is Planly Pro ($40/month). Besides, there are other two pricing plans; one is a Starter pack ($15/month) and the other one is Gru ($80/month). Anyone using the Planly plan will have a 14-day free trial to start with at the beginning.

The starter plan comes with one user only but with 4 social channels, and possibly 100 post-scheduling for each social channel. While the Pro plan offers 4 users, 8 social channels, and 200 post-scheduling. Furthermore, Gru is their biggest plan with unlimited post scheduling, 8 users, and 16 social channels.

Planly Facebook automation software pricing and plans.

Top features of Planly

  • Advanced drag & drop type calendar planner.
  • AI content assistance.
  • Offer unlimited media file storage.
  • Integrations of the Planly social media platform automation tool include API security, Unsplash, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Additionally, option to insert links.
  • Schedule posts or statuses in Facebook groups and pages.