How To Set Automatic Membership Approval In Facebook Group

How To Set Automatic Membership Approval In Facebook Group

Members of Facebook groups are the primary resources. The quality of the group depends on the type of group members and the smart handling of the admins/moderators. Being an admin/moderator, the more efficiently you manage your group, the more engagement you will get. Many admins/group owners fail in this aspect, and their groups turn into dead groups. They focus on the quantity of the members, not the quality of the members.

Membership approval to the group can help an admin/moderator in maintaining the quality of the members. That means the members should be filtered before getting entry into the group. Approving the members one by one can be an excellent option to maintain the quality of the members. You need to think about your niche and the type of members you want in your group.

However, some busy admins/moderators do not get time to approve the members one by one. The automatic membership approval feature of Facebook can be a useful option for them.

Process of setting automatic membership approval.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook group and select the option ‘Automatic Membership Approval’.

Step 2: Now, you will have to set up criteria for the membership approval. The available criteria are:
a. Completed all membership questions: You can set a maximum of three questions for the upcoming members. It’s up to you how many questions you will ask the member. If you select this option, the member will be approved automatically if they fill up the answers to your set questions.

b. Current City: If your target members are based on a particular location, you can select this option and select the city.

c. Friends with someone already in your group: If you select this option, then the new member will be automatically approved into the group if they have a mutual friend in the group already.

d. Facebook joining time length: It determines the time length for which the member is using Facebook. Many group admins do not allow the members into their group who have started using Facebook recently.

However, you can set any of the above options or multiple options based on your criteria.

Step 3: Once you have selected the criteria, you need to confirm it by clicking on ‘Ok’

Boom !!!!
You are now done with the automatic membership approval. If the new member completes the criteria you have set, they will be automatically approved. You can also see the automatically approved members in your group by clicking on the ‘Automatic Member Approvals’ option(shown in step 1). If you want, you can remove the automatically approved member.