Facebook Group Types: Which One to Select

Facebook Group Types: Which One to Select

Facebook Groups - A virtual group of people with common interests. Groups consist of people engaging in a value exchange transaction, such as trading goods or services or exchanging ideas.

By the end of this blog, I hope you'll be able to choose the ideal Facebook group type for your community. Choosing the right group type on Facebook might help set the tone for your gathering.

Note: You can alter your Facebook Group Type at any moment on your Settings page.

What type of Facebook group should I create?

You may consider the following tips, if you are in a dilemma to choose the best fit Facebook group category.

  1. The purpose for which you are creating the group. It is the most important factor in choosing the type of Facebook group.
  2. Niche you are operating. You need to define your niche for Facebook groups.
  3. Target audience for your Facebook group. Your Facebook group engagement will depend on the audience you have cultivated and the engagement you have established through communication and relevant content sharing.

List of Facebook Group Types

Though anybody may create a Facebook Group, selecting the best Facebook Group type might be difficult. There are several Facebook Group types to pick from for starters, and we'll explain their relevance and purpose in this content.

Facebook presently offers six different types of Facebook groups that anyone can use:

  • General
  • Buy and Sell
  • Social Learning Group
  • Gaming
  • Jobs
  • Work
  • Parenting

Uses of Facebook groups categories at a glance

Each Facebook group type has got some unique characteristics. Based on the purpose anyone can choose a Facebook group type out of 7.  Remember, selecting the feasible Facebook group type is very important.

Facebook Group Types Functions, Features, and Implementations
General This is the default group type and includes the standard set of tools.
Buy and Sell This sets the default post type in the group to sales listings, allows you to set a default currency and gathers all sales listings in one place in the group.
Social Learning This allows you to create quizzes and lessons and track members' progress.
Jobs This displays a list of all currently available positions and provides templates that detail job salary, location, and hours.
Video Games This allows you to link your group to a specific game and host tournaments for members
Work This Facebook group type only shows info and details that are work related and Facebook members in these groups can message each other without even being friends. Additionally, you may now use these Facebook groups to communicate job changes and requests from your colleagues.
Parenting Parenting Facebook group types lets group member request to post anonymously and seek mentorship from other members.

Source: Facebook Group Categories

Only an admin has the ability to change the group type on Facebook.

How to choose the Facebook group type

It might be a question that, how we can choose the Facebook group type as there is no option to select it once we create the group.
One thing to remember here, every Facebook group is created as a General type, as it is the default category.

However, after creating a Facebook group, you can choose your desired Facebook group type. Let’s see how we can do that.

Step 1: Go to the settings of your Facebook group.

How to choose the Facebook group type
  • Select Group Type from the drop-down menu and click on the edit icon.
How to choose the Facebook group type
  • Choose a type of Facebook group and then click Save.
How to choose the Facebook group type

Admin has the ability to modify your group type on Facebook at any moment.

Note: If you move your group from one category to another, you will lose the ability to add or delete features — such as chats and Q&As — and you may even lose access to some features if your group is no longer a general group.

Details of Facebook group types.

Let's take a quick look at each of these Facebook group categories.

1. General Facebook group type

One of the most common questions related to Facebook group types is, What is general Facebook group? The default Facebook Group type is usually General when you create a new Facebook group. You can go back and edit this at any time.

General Facebook group type

The General Facebook group type does not have any distinguishing characteristics. It contains nearly all of the standard features of Facebook Groups, although it is deficient in certain key features seen in other types of Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups can be used for a variety of purposes, including photo sharing, Q&As, surveys, and even prompts.

General Facebook group type

Moderators, admins, and other group members can publish regular posts only in the discussion section, create events, ask for recommendations, add gifs, polls, docs, files, photo videos, watch party check-in, raise funds.

2. Buy and Sell

Buy and Sell is one of the Group types on Facebook that allow you to more efficiently sell and buy items in groups than the individual Facebook Marketplace pages. It contains features that make it easier for members to put items for sale and mark them as sold.

Buy & Sell Facebook group type

It's also possible to define the currency and search for products all in one location on a Buy and Sell Facebook Group.

Check out the following photographs to get a sense of how this feature functions:

Buy & Sell Facebook group type

Cars, motorcycles, books, and other locally sourced commodities are all common subjects for Buy and Sell groups. Anyone can post an item for sale in a group like this, and the other members can see it and make an offer on the item.

Buy & Sell Facebook group type

3. Social Learning Group

Learning Community Groups on Facebook have features that make it easy for members to learn about specific subjects. Admins of social learning groups on Facebook have the option of creating guidelines for their members.

Create quizzes and keep track of users' progress in the Facebook group. It’s one of the best learning Group types on Facebook.

4. Gaming

Dedicated gaming groups have been created for those who enjoy playing video games. Organizing video game competitions and linking the group to a specific game.

Gaming Facebook group type

5. Jobs

If you want to create a Facebook group for job seekers and recruiters, you should go with this option. It is another great way to both list a job as an employer and find a job as a candidate.

Jobs Facebook group type

You can post job openings in this Job Group type on Facebook and use the post template to mention pay, location, and work hours.

6. Parenting

Likewise, you have the option to turn your Facebook group into a parenting-focused Facebook group.

Other Group types on Facebook do not permit the anonymous posting by members, however with the Parenting Facebook group type. Introduced in June 2020, designed essentially for new parents, parenting states or experience badges, appear next to the name & represent the many stages of parenthood.

The concept of anonymous posts on Facebook for parents is founded on the need of this specific group of people to have a method to discuss things they may not feel comfortable discussing openly. Having said that, anonymous posting is a highly beneficial feature in a variety of online communities.

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To Wrap Up

You can see from the list above that each Facebook Group types to add additional functionality while preserving the General type's existing ones. Go with "General" if you can't discover anything specific. Select the type that helps you the most and engage the audience to grow a solid community.

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