How to Create a Facebook Group in 2024 and Set Up Properly

How to Create a Facebook Group in 2024 and Set Up Properly

Facebook group is one of the most essential features of Facebook. Facebook group admins are leveraging it to generate income and manage the business. If you are looking for a solution on how to create Facebook group, you are in the right place.

It’s very easy to create a Facebook group. This short write-up contains the process of creating a Facebook group quickly.

Steps to create a Facebook group

Step 1: Click on the Groups icon, then on ‘Create New Groups’

Step 2: Give a name and choose the type of group. It means whether you want to create a public or private Facebook group.  

If you choose privacy as Private, then you will get two more options. Such as

1. Visible: Anyone searching on Facebook by your group’s name will find your group.
2. Hidden: All cannot find the group on Facebook. Only those who will get the link can see the group.

Once you are done with the above steps, click on Save, and your group is ready.
Now you need to do some setup for your group.

Initial Set-Up for a Facebook Group

So, you have just given birth to your Facebook group. Now, your group needs some beautification and setup to make it more appealing.

a. Add a Cover photo

A cover photo is like the summary of your Facebook group. People should understand what is Facebook group is for by seeing the cover photo. Select an attractive cover photo. It should also be related to your business.

Keep in mind that your cover photo should demonstrate the value you are providing through your group. It should contain the summary of your group in a pictorial format.  You can take the help of online photo editors to make a perfect cover photo.

Facebook group cover photo size:  The ideal Facebook group cover photo size is 1640 x 856 pixels. The aspect ratio is 1.91:1 . Before you start designing a new cover photo, it's important to know the ideal Facebook group cover photo size

Facebook group cover photo

b. Write the Facebook group description

You need to write a description of your group. By reading the description, your group members will get an overall idea about your group activities. Remember, a person can see your Facebook group description not being a member of the group.

Keep in mind that the description should be as simple as possible. There will be members of different kinds in your group. All the members should be able to understand what you want to inform them from your Facebook group description.


👉 Read our detailed guide on the Facebook group description with a few examples to follow.

c. Set the rules of your Facebook group.

And while this might not sound like much fun, it’s crucial for keeping your Group from devolving into spam and general disorganization. If anything is sorted from the first stage, the work will become much more manageable later on.

Before establishing any idea or rules, just for the primary concept, try to have a general discussion with your team members and the existing group members. They will be giving you a preliminary idea about what kind of group they want to see!
Detailed rules go hand in hand with meaningful, high-quality conversations. This also cuts down on general confusion and questions as you can point members to your established rules. Encourage members to read others’ posts or comments to see if their questions have been previously answered.

Establish your rules and enforce them. Your Group should be a safe, welcoming place for members to engage.

Facebook allows for ten general rules for any given Group. For reference, Facebook’s suggestions for Group rules include:

  • Encouraging positive comments, feedback, and conversations
  • Taking a firm stance on bullying and hate speech
  • Outlawing spam and irrelevant links
  • Respecting the privacy of fellow members

👉 For detailed learning, read our guide on Facebook group rules with examples.

d. Membership screening questions

You can ask questions to the new joining members. You can ask a maximum of three questions to the members who will send the joining request.

There are lots of benefits to setting the membership questions. Using only three steps, you will be able to set membership questions in your Facebook group.

👉 Read our detailed guide on Facebook group membership questions for better understanding.

Facebook group membership question

e. Pinned Post

The pinned post is quite important. If you have something important to tell the new members and offer them something, you can write it as a post. Then you can keep that post pinned, and the position will remain at the top of the page.

Whenever a new member is approved in the group, then he/she will see the pinned post at first. The member will get a better idea about your group.

👉 Get an overview of Facebook group pinned posts from our guide.

Facebook group pinned post

Who doesn't like to personalize things in their own way? Once you create a Facebook group, you get a default Facebook group link like

But many group owners do not know that they can personalize the Url that will look like this

I hope you can see the difference between these two Facebook group URLs.

So, what next?

Personalize your Facebook group URL to make it more vivid.

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What Next?

So, you have learned the basic things about creating a Facebook group. Now, create a Facebook group and apply the above settings. However, there are many features in Facebook groups that you can leverage and take advantage of.