How to Join a Facebook Group as a Facebook Page

This blog contains the detailed process on how to join a facebook group as a page.

How to Join a Facebook Group as a Facebook Page

Facebook Groups provide an excellent option for marketers to expand their businesses. Although it is more typical for personal accounts to join groups, your Page can also join a Facebook Group.

Facebook groups are very important in the day-to-day activities of Facebook users, and getting your page into a group is not a tough process. Facebook stated that the ability to add pages to groups would assist a huge number of businesses because many celebrities, public figures, and brands use Facebook Pages as their primary account.

How do I join a Facebook group as a page?

Facebook launched a new upgrade in early 2019 that allows Facebook Pages to join Facebook Groups so that users may post and engage as their business.

However, Facebook has not made it particularly easy to join as a Page, and it is somewhat a little tricky. It's actually rather simple and quite similar to enrolling as your own profile, with a few minor differences.

Steps to join a Facebook group as a page

Step 1: From the left menu of the newsfeed, click on Groups.

First step to join a Facebook group as a Facebook page.

Step 2: Then search for the Group you want to join in the search bar.

Search for the groups you are looking to join.

Step 3: After finding the group you want to join, click on the Join Group button located right next to the Group name. Then you will choose whether you would like to join the Group as your personal profile or as a Page & click the Join Group if the Group allows Pages to join.

Tap on the Join group option.

An alternative way to join a Facebook group as a page

Step 1: Switch your Personal profile to your Facebook page. If you are already interacting or using your page, then it’s okay.

An alternative way to join a Facebook group as a Facebook page

Step 2: Now, search for the group you want to join. You can also paste the Facebook group link to your browser tab.

Step 3: Send the join request and wait for approval. If the group has an auto-approval feature on, you can join the right way. Do not forget to answer the Facebook group qualifying question if there is any.

When joining a group as your page, there are a few things to keep in mind.🠟🠟🠟

👉If you can't join a group as your Page, it might be because the group admins don't allow Pages to join their groups.

👉You may need to wait for a group admin to approve your request, depending on the Group's settings.

👉Hidden groups that you aren't a part of won't appear in search results. When you join a group, other members will see that you've joined. Depending on the group's privacy level, non-members may be able to see that you're a member.

👉Answer the Facebook group qualifying questions. Sometimes group admins or moderators do not approve of the members who do not answer.

For pages joining Groups, bear in mind that:

  • Several people may be managing that Page. Depending on their settings, some or all of the people managing the Page can see and interact with posts and group members.
  • Group admins may not allow Pages to join their groups.
  • Pages can't send an invitation to join a group. They can only request to join and can share the group after joining.
  • If you've already joined a group as a profile and want to join the group as a Page, you can change who you're interacting as.
  • Only admins of the Facebook pages have the power to request to join a group.

Final Words

Brand pages use Facebook Groups to market their products and services. It's a three-step process to join a Facebook Group with your page. You can always look for the group you want to join, but keep in mind the limitations you may face. If you join your chosen group, be careful not to break any of the Group rules, as the Group moderators may still block you and misrepresent your page.

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