Detailed Guide to Facebook Group Membership Questions with Example

Learn in detail about Facebook group membership questions from this article. Check the examples to set the best questions for your group.

Detailed Guide to Facebook Group Membership Questions with Example

Facebook groups can be a great place to build a community of like-minded people. Many business owners are creating a Facebook group to handle their businesses and they set Facebook group membership questions to filter the new members.

This article is going to give you a detailed idea of Facebook group membership questions with examples and benefits.

What are Facebook group membership questions?

These are the screening or onboarding questions that you are allowed to ask the new members when they join your Facebook group. You can add a maximum of three questions.

You are allowed to add questions in any of the three formats mentioned below.

  • Multiple Choice Questions (Radio Buttons)
  • Check Boxes
  • Written Answers
facebook group membership question format

Note: It is not necessary that you need to set all the questions in similar formats. Based on your requirement, you can set the question type. To get an idea of the Facebook group membership questions, check the example part of this content.

How to set Facebook group membership questions:

It was quite challenging to find the option to set questions in your Facebook group in the old version/classical version. But it’s straightforward in the case of the new version of Facebook. You need minimal effort to find the option of setting questions.

Three steps to set  FB group membership questions from the desktop

1. Go to your Facebook Group and go to ‘Membership Question.’ under Admin Tools.

Step one on how to set Facebook group membership question

2.  Now add questions. Remember you can add up to three questions.

Step two on how to set Facebook group membership question

3. For the answers to the questions, you can set different options as shown in the following screenshot. Based on the type of question, you should select the answer space.

Step three on how to set Facebook group membership question

How to set Facebook group membership questions from the mobile app

1. Go to your Facebook group and click on the top right corner, and you will find the option ‘Membership questions.’

Step one on how to set membership questions  in Facebook group from mobile app

2. Tap on the Membership question to set your questions for the new members

Step two on how to set membership questions  in Facebook group from mobile app

3. Choose the answer format from the three options while setting the questions.

Step three on how to set membership questions  in Facebook group from mobile app

Here is one thing to note about Facebook group rules. Though you can see group rules are added under Facebook group membership questions, it is not related to this. It is just to ask new members to agree to group rules.

Need a video tutorial to learn the process to set Facebook group membership questions? No worries, we have got you covered.

Tutorial on how to set Facebook group membership questions

Pro Tips

  1. Try to set the question based on your target niche. For example, if you have created your group for the doctors only, you can set questions like “ Are you a doctor? Or What is your specialization?”
  2. You can also ask the members why they want to join your group or what value they will be able to provide to the members of your group.
  3. In any of the questions, you can ask for the email address to remain connected with the members outside Facebook. You can also send important notifications, welcome messages, or newsletters to the members using different email autoresponders.
  4. Remember, you should think about quality, not quantity. It doesn’t mean that the members who are sending join requests are unqualified. Here, the qualification means whether the member falls under your desired criteria of the target audience or not.
    For this, you need to set questions for the new members of your group. When a new member tries to join your Facebook group, he/she needs to answer the questions.

Do you want to save the Facebook group membership questions’ answers?

There is no feature in the Facebook group to let you save the answers to the membership questions.

You can collect or save the answers before approving the members in two ways: either manually or automatically. Let’s learn more about these processes.

1. Collect/Save answers manually

Once a member wants to join your group by answering the questions, you will get a notification. You will find the members in the ‘member/participant request’ option. You can also see the answers provided by the members and copy-paste the answers to a spreadsheet before approving the members.
It’s a bit time-consuming process of collecting the answers. Many Facebook group owners hire virtual assistants for doing this task as the answers are very important.

2. Collect/Save answers automatically

Who doesn’t love to save time and invest in other tasks? As mentioned collecting the answers manually is a lengthy and time-consuming process. However, using a Facebook group automation tool like Groupboss, you can collect the answers automatically with a single click.
If you are asking for emails with any of the questions, you can send them to email marketing autoresponders as well.

See, How Groupboss Works

Facebook group membership screening questions types

Facebook group membership questions depend on the type of your Facebook group. However, Facebook group questions can be included under the following broad categories.

  1. Survey-type questions.
  2. Facebook group questions for email collection/lead generation.
  3. Question for asking permission to reach out personally.
  4. Questions to screen only users of your product.
  5. Taking consent about Facebook group rules.

Facebook group membership questions examples

Setting Facebook group membership questions is easy. But Facebook group admins fail to set the proper questions that inspire new members to answer. It is a common cause for those who are starting Facebook groups.

By analyzing different Facebook groups we have collected some membership questions for you. Check the examples and select the pattern that is suitable for your community.

Common FB group membership question examples

  1. What's the biggest thing you're struggling with at the moment?
  2. Would you like me to reach out with some more info about my recent course?
  3. Do you sell marketing funnels to customers?
  4. Where are you now in your SaaS journey?
  5. Would you like a copy of the templates we've used to increase trial and demo conversions by up to X%?
  6. Please be noted that you won't be approved by the group if you don't answer the following questions. Do you agree?
  7. What growth marketing skills are you interested to know more about from this group?
  8. Please note that discussions in this group will be conducted in English so that members around the globe can all join. Do you agree with that?
  9. This group is for busy entrepreneurs and professionals. Are you one of those?
  10. Wanna come to a virtual workshop about sales funnel strategies?
  11. Do you understand there is no Spam allowed?
  12. Zero tolerance for bullying, if we feel like this is the case you will be removed. Agree with the rule?
  13. What is your business name?
  14. What are the top X tools you use to run your business? CRM, Accounting, Automation?
  15. Where are you currently in your business?
  16. Would you like me to personally reach out to discuss how we may be able to help you?
  17. What level of revenue is your business at right now?
  18. We specialize in helping coaches, consultants, and other online entrepreneurs build highly profitable Appointment Settings. Would you like us to reach you to explain how?
  19. Where are you currently at in revenue for your business?
  20. This group is for Company Founders & Agency owners. Are you one of them? (Yes or No)
  21. Do you commit not to Spam or Abuse? (Yes or No)
  22. This group is for experienced marketers and founders who want to grow their businesses and personal brands to achieve new levels of success. Are you actively growing a business right now? (YES, OR NO)
  23. We specialize in turning entrepreneurs and executives into industry influencers and 'client-getting' machines on autopilot. Would you like us to private message you the details explaining how?
  24. Would you like me to reach out to discuss how you can start to build a brand that attracts your perfect audience and massively grows your impact?
  25. Welcome to our group! Have you subscribed to the YouTube channel yet?
  26. Don't post affiliate links or spam the group, ok?
  27. How did you come to know about this Group?
  28. Have you downloaded our app?
  29. This is a group for coaches expecting more clients from Facebook Groups. Are you a Coach?
  30. What inspired you to join this challenge?
  31. What are you hoping to learn from this group?
  32. This group is Exclusively for Ecwid & E-commerce Entrepreneurs. Do you own E-Commerce Business?
  33. Please write down the link to your E-Commerce Website.
  34. You have to answer 3 questions and agree to Group Rules before you could be admitted to join. Answer YES to this question.
  35. Do you agree not to spam the group with affiliate or irrelevant links? If you do not agree, your joining will be rejected.
  36. What is your favorite rule in the Group's rules?
  37. How did you find out about this Facebook Group?
  38. What is your biggest challenge and what do you hope to get out of this group?
  39. We help small businesses either just starting out or wanting to grow, THRIVE with tools such as courses, speaker sessions, virtual networks, and much more. Would you like me to private message you the details explaining how? Type YES or NO below
  40. What type of business do you have?
  41. What is your number one reason for joining this group and what do you hope to get out of it?
  42. Where is your business at in terms of revenue and where would you want it to be in the next 1 year?
  43. Do you want us to tag you on and send you relevant & valuable FREE training specifically tailored to you?
  44. How did you hear about this group?
  45. Would you define yourself as either a marketing person or a small business owner?
  46. [REQUIRED] Where is your business at in monthly revenue, and where do you want it to be in the next X days?
  47. Are you an Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, or aspiring to be?
  48. What is your biggest current challenge?
  49. Hello! To keep this a valuable, spam-free space for our members, we need to ask you a couple of questions. Are you currently or aspiring to build an online business?
  50. OPTIONAL: Is there anything currently holding you back from building your dream online business? Let us know if anything in particular we could help out with!

Facebook group membership questions example for email collection:

  1. Would you like access to my recent course on Facebook group growth for FREE? If yes, type your EMAIL address below and I’ll send it over.
  2. What's your email address? I'll send you our funnel sales playbook.
  3. Enter your email if you’d like some help uncovering your biggest growth opportunities and getting a clear plan for accelerating growth.
  4. Where should we send reminders about the virtual parties and bonus gifts? Enter your best email here.
  5. Please provide your email for the latest updates.
  6. Please mention your email
  7. Would like to give you a FREE must-Sales Funnels gift out of appreciation for joining our group. Type your best email address to get access to this FREE gift.
  8. Do you want the video guide that walks through step by step how to scale your online, high-ticket business? If yes, please provide your best email.
  9. What's your best Email Address to receive community updates as well as exclusive free resources and growth guides? *Your email address will be used to send out promotional materials.
  10. Your best email to get Lifetime Deals Updates and Alerts.
  11. Enter the email address that you used to sign up for the challenge.
  12. Would you like for our team to reach out to you for a free Facebook  Strategy session? Please enter your email below and a team member will reach out to you.
  13. If you are one of our valuable users, please provide the email ID that you used while signing up.
  14. Share your e-mail address. [ NO SPAM - Occasional important updates only ]
  15. What is your working email address? This is for us to send you updates on the latest lifetime deals, special offers, announcements, etc. You may unsubscribe anytime.
  16. What is your e-mail? If you want to be added to our mailing list and from time to time receive some cool stuff & freebies (we don't spam).
  17. We occasionally host LIVE Q&A sessions and training with business leaders. If you would like the opportunity to hop on one of these calls please provide your best email address for us to send you meeting links and reminders.
  18. Please provide your email address for future invites to beta testers & other free content.
  19. What's your best email address for us to send you meeting links and reminders?
  20. What is your best email address where we can connect you with our private trainings, tools, and resources?
  21. Want to be included on the group's email list (with loads of audience growth tactics)?? If so, leave your best email. (it's optional)
  22. What's your email address? (Optional)- If you would like to get access to free eBooks, training, and marketing messages, then please provide your email address.
  23. If you want access to exclusive resources and tips to grow your agency, drop your email below.
  24. I've just created a FREE training on how to create a high-ticket Course in 9 steps. Love to give you free access as a gift for joining. What is your best email?
  25. This group requires a valid email for approval. Group members also receive our email newsletter for free with insights and opportunities to build your online business.

Importance of setting membership questions in Facebook group.

A few benefits of Setting questions for the new members are highlighted below:

a. Helps in Screening new members

If you want to create a community of qualified members, then membership questions are a must. Being a Facebook group owner, if your main intention is to increase the number of members only, you may not need this feature.
If you have a purpose for your Facebook group and want like-minded people to get approved in your Facebook group, you can screen the members based on your criteria.

b. Helps in Reducing Spam

Once you approve the members based on your requirements, those members will be of a similar nature and mind. So, you can expect fewer spammers in the group. However, spammers will be there, and as a group owner, you have all the rights to block or remove any spammer.

c. Helps in research

If you intend to conduct research on the Facebook group members, you can set questions that way. The answers to the questions will help you to complete the research smoothly.

d. Helps in identifying potential customers

Potential customers are those who are looking for the tool or services you have. They may purchase your service or tool. You can design a question based on identifying the potential customers.
For example, if you have an SEO service agency, the website owners are your potential customers. You can ask any of the questions whether the members own any website or not. Also, whether they are interested in improving the SEO performance of the website or not.

e. Helps in building an email list

Do you know a Facebook group is an excellent source for building an email list? A question may arise how is this possible? Yes, it’s possible. Many Facebook group owners are not aware of it.
As mentioned earlier, you can set three questions for the new members. You can ask for email addresses in one of the questions. Once a member sends the join request, they need to answer the questions, and you can check that in the ‘Member Request’ option of your Facebook group. You can now decide whom you want to approve in your community.

FAQs to Facebook group membership questions.

1. How do I see answers to membership questions on the Facebook group once I have approved the members already?

Ans: Previously the answer to the questions couldn’t be seen once the member is approved. However, you can see the answers even after approving the members. I have seen this in the recent update of the Facebook group.
Here is what you need to do:
1. Go to the Members section of your group and find the member whose answer you are looking for.

How to find members in the facebook group

2. Now click on the name of the members. After that, you will see the activities of the members of the group. If you scroll a bit, you can see the option “Member questions”

View membership questions after approving the members

3. Now click on view answers. If the member did not answer the question, you won’t be able to see them.

View membership questions after approving the members

Finally, this is a bit time-consuming. To my opinion, the best way to save the answers before approving the members. You can do it both manually by copy-pasting or automatically using the Facebook group automation tool.
You can use Facebook group automation tools like Groupboss to save the answers automatically.

2. How many membership questions I can add to my Facebook group?

Ans: You can add a maximum of three membership questions to your Facebook group.

3. What are the formats of the Facebook group membership questions?

Ans: You can add three different formats of questions to your Facebook group. These are multiple-choice, checkbox, and written questions.

4. Can I make FB group membership questions mandatory for the members?

Ans: You can set membership questions to your Facebook groups. But, it’s upto the new members, whether they will answer or not. However, you can review the answers and approve the members.
Again, a person who is not a member can see the Facebook group description. You can add one point in the description that no one will be approved for the group if they do not answer the membership questions.

5. Can I edit membership questions in my Facebook group?

Ans: Yes, you can edit membership questions. Just go to the membership question option. You will find the edit button below every membership question. Edit the question and save.

How to edit Facebook group membership questions

6. How long can the answer to a Facebook group membership question be?

Ans: Facebook group membership questions need to be answered within 250 characters. So, frame the question in such a way that the new members can answer within this limit.

To Wrap Up

Facebook group membership questions are the gold mine to generate free leads. However, you can also use the questions for various purposes which are mentioned above.  If you have a Facebook group or planning to start one, do not forget to add the Facebook group membership questions. Take help from the above examples and design the best questions for your Facebook group.