How To Make Affiliation Between Facebook Group and Personal Profile/Page

How To Make Affiliation Between Facebook Group and Personal Profile/Page

Facebook groups have been allowed to feature the admins or moderators just below the cover photo. It was since the 2021 update. Facebook pages linked to the Facebook group can also be featured. But still, very few are aware of the setup and know well how to make affiliation between Facebook group and Personal profile/page.

This blog will help you learn and guide you in a step-by-step process on how to make the affiliation between your group and your profile or desired page.

Create affiliation between Facebook group and personal profile/page

Step 1: From your Facebook homepage, tap on the Groups option from the left toolbar. Then select the desired group you want to make the affiliation.

Go to Groups first and then your desired group.
Type caption (optional)

Step 2: From your desired Facebook group homepage, tap on the Edit option at the bottom right side of the group’s cover photo. It will further open a tab of other options. The option you are looking for is Group Affiliation.

To initiate the process of affiliation between Facebook group and personal profile tap on Edit and then Edit group affilaition.
Type caption (optional)

Step 3: Now, make the Group affiliation feature ON and you will find the admins, moderators, and linked pages. Then select the one with which you want to make affiliation and click Save.

Turn on the affiliation feature and them select the Facebook profile or page that you are trying to make the affiliation between.
Type caption (optional)

Affiliation with the selected profile or page is done. You can see the profile or page just below the cover photo of the Facebook group.

Your affiliation between Facebook group and facebook profile is done.
Type caption (optional)

If you had changed it with another admin’s profile or even yours- the Facebook group profile page would have shown their or your name there.

Alternative approach

There’s also an alternative way to make affiliation between a Facebook group and your personal profile/page.

1. From your Facebook group’s homepage go to the left toolbar and select Group Settings. Then it will open a new interface replacing the homepage.

The alternative approach to make the Facebook group affiliation.
Type caption (optional)

2. Then you’ll find the option Group Affiliation. Click the pen icon on the right side.

From Group settings will pop uo the Group affiliation option.
Type caption (optional)

3. Tapping on the pen icon will further open the option for affiliation. Just like before remember to turn ON the Group affiliation option first.

Make edit to the affiliation per your demand.
Type caption (optional)

To sum up the alternative process- Facebook group homepage >> Group Settings >> Group Affiliation >> ON

Isn’t it a simple process? There are lots of other important Facebook group settings and features that can help you maintain your Facebook group properly and leverage its highest potential. While they might sound complex, they are just as simple as Facebook group affiliation.

Things are not really tough in this digitized work environment when you have step-by-step guidelines like this blog.