How to Sell Courses Using Facebook Groups

Facebook group is a great feature to sell online courses and build a strong community. If you are a coach and didn't start with a Facebook group, it's time to change your mind and take action.

How to Sell Courses Using Facebook Groups

In this digital era, online learning is virally spreading worldwide. However, it has spread quickly in the last 2-3 years as people now love to gather knowledge online.

That's why it has a huge demand. So, experts have launched many online courses. Consistently, there are lots of effective courses that you will find online.

If you want to launch a course online, Facebook will be your best-selling partner. Because you will get a massive audience on Facebook.

Facebook groups also are the best place to sell courses online and you can promote eLearning through Facebook groups. But you need to know how to sell courses using Facebook Groups.

Here, I will give you some effective tips for selling courses using Facebook groups. So, let's get started:

Why should you use Facebook groups to sell courses

Before knowing the selling process, you need to understand why Facebook groups? There are many reasons to sell courses on Facebook groups. So, let's discuss some crucial points.

1. Active audience

You cannot get your active audience on the Facebook page because it is the Facebook algorithm. People are also not comfortable discussing on Facebook pages. They love to talk in Facebook groups. So, you can reach your active audience through Facebook groups.

2. Build a strong relationship

In the Facebook group, you can build strong relationships with your students. It plays a crucial role in selling your courses. And if you do good work in your group, you can also make long-lasting relationships with students.

3. Increase organic reach

Everybody wants organic traffic for their business. However, organic reach is more potent than paid traffic. So, it would be best if you focused on increasing organic reach.

In that case, Facebook groups will help you a lot because it's entirely based on organic reach. And you can sell your course by using this valuable organic traffic.

4. Monitor audience behavior

You can monitor your audience's behavior before launching any course. But how? You can quickly create poll on Facebook groups. After ending the poll, you can know the audience's mindset. You can also monitor audience behavior through Facebook group posts and comments.

5. Collect lead easily

Facebook groups are one of the best places for lead generation. Because you can collect leads in multiple ways on FB groups. However, you can collect information from Facebook manually or using tools. But it’d be easier to collect quality leads on Facebook groups. Here you can find all the active and targeted audiences.

6. Reach targeted audience

Facebook groups are the most effective source to reach the targeted audience organically. Because you can create your niche-based group and easily connect with your targeted audiences. If you want to sell courses, you should make your course-based group.

Top 10 effective ways to sell courses using Facebook group

Most people use Facebook groups to sell their courses. Worthy of mentioning, selling online courses on FB groups is the most challenging job. Because you need to maintain a few factors.

However, I will share the top ten effective ways to sell courses on FB groups. It helps you to learn how to sell courses using Facebook Groups. So, let's grab the hidden secrets.

1. Make a public FB group

When you create a Facebook group, you must ensure that your group is public. If your group is private, you will lag behind your competitors.

Only members can see your every post and activity in the private group, whereas everyone can see the public group’s posts and activities.

Because public groups allow you to see the group posts without joining, it is very effective for course marketing.

Most people don't want to join any group directly. They want to observe the group and then hit the join button. And as a seller, you can create a sales funnel for those people. So, it is an essential fact to consider.

2. Share information and add value

After creating a group, don't go to sell your course directly. You think you made a group to sell your courses. But if you try to sell immediately after opening a group, it can create a negative impression about you. So, this is the wrong approach and can’t generate sales.

Firstly, you have to share knowledge and information and add value to your group to teach your audience. After that, you may launch a course.

If you follow this method continuously, people know that you have enough knowledge to teach everyone. After that, people will love you and purchase courses when you launch.

3. Free seminars and workshops

Directly selling courses is the most wrong concept. However, people buy a course from those people whom they know well. Online or offline, both courses are sales dependent on face value. If you have a face value, you can do well in selling online courses.

Besides, you can take free seminars or workshops to create your face value. Because when you conduct a free seminar or workshop, people will know you perfectly. And people will be your fan if you do better. It will help you to sell your paid course smoothly.

4. Live Q/A session

Try to take a live Q/A session in your FB group. Do this once a week or twice a month. It is one of the most effective processes of engaging with audiences.

When you go to a live discussion, people can ask you questions. And you will answer every question. It can help you to grow a relationship with students.

Don't go live with random topics. You can select the subject which is most demandable. You can also choose topics from audiences by creating polls.

After that, you can choose a topic that will get the most votes. And must try to interact and attract audiences appropriately. Because they will be your potential customer.

5. Create sales funnel

Most people and organizations don't make a sales funnel for selling courses. And this is the core mistake when trying to sell the course on the Facebook group. Because you need to make a sales funnel and your audience is engagedaudience engaged.

Do you know the audience types? There are three types of audiences:

1. Hot
2. Warm
3. Cold

A hot audience is who have already purchased your course. A warm audience is who have confusion about buying the course. You need to attack those people's pain points to make them hot. A cold customer doesn't have any interest in your course. By the way, you need to use a Click tracking software for tracking your customers' behaviors so that you can retarget them again and again with other advertising.

So, if you make a perfect sales funnel, you can quickly sell your course. Otherwise, you will be too tired to promote your course and don't get any deals.

6. Collect quick leads

Selling courses using Facebook groups doesn't mean that it is an online course. Most people also do advertising for their offline courses.

However, Facebook group leads boost both online and offline course sales. So, it is an effective and tested method for selling courses.

Moreover, you can quickly collect leads from Facebook group audiences. It is much easier to collect your audience's name, phone number, address, e-mail, etc.

So, you can contact your potential audience by phone and convince them quickly. You can also offer free resources or study materials as a gift.

7. Use an attractive course name

Did you set everything accordingly? Just wait and see your course name. I guess you won’t find any mistakes, and it is correct from your viewpoint. But if you do market research, you can find your course name is as usual as others.

Worthy of mentioning, as usual names cannot attract audiences nowadays. So, try to give an attractive title.

Suppose you are launching a Facebook Ads course. What will you give your course name? Most people give Facebook ads mastery, Facebook ads masterclass, etc., which isn’t attractive anymore.

So, give a name like Create your social media agency with zero dollars. Or How to build an online marketing agency with zero investment. This type of name adds extra value to your course and increases your course sales.

8. Free consultation

For selling courses, try to provide benefits to your audience. Because most people and organizations try to sell their features. But do you know the sales rules? The sales rule is, "Don't sell the features; sell the benefits if you want to sell something."

So, you should provide free one-to-one or group career consultation as a benefit before selling your course. It can add extra value and trust. You can also pitch your course promotion in this consultancy. So, it boosts your course sales.

9. Free short course

Before launching a paid course, you can offer your student a free short course. However, short means an introductory course for 5 to 6 classes. You can also give
a certificate for joining your course. So, this will be inspiring to your students.

Besides, this free short course will be your best hitting point. People love free elements. And when you offer any free course, they will be delighted. The most important thing is that students can measure your quality. You can do this using any free course creation tool.

10. Unique course module

The course module is very effective, as like your course title. But unfortunately, the maximum course module is the same and as usual. If you compare at least ten courses, you may believe me.

However, most of the course modules can’t attract people. That's why a few sellers said I have no sales. But they won't try to find the problem.

So, you should research your competitors before launching the course and find the unique point you can offer to your audiences.

After that, you can see the magic. Because extra value can add an extra boost to your sales, so, make your course module more unique than others.

Ending Thought

Facebook groups are a great way to sell courses. The best way to sell courses is to create a group and provide valuable content and answer questions quickly so that people feel like they're getting value. Additionally, if you're having difficulty selling courses, you can think about hiring a small business coach to help you develop and execute a successful marketing strategy for selling your courses from a Facebook group.

Finally, stay active in the group and respond to inquiries. You can also follow our secret techniques to sell courses using Facebook groups. So, boost your course sales accordingly.

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