How to Change a Facebook Group Name in 2024

This article discussed how to change a group name on Facebook. Learn to change a Facebook group name in a step by step process using computer and mobile phone.

How to change your Facebook group name in 2024

Recently, Facebook groups turned into a place where your business can boom. Group owners are leveraging the features of Facebook groups to expand beyond their horizons. However, many are still confused regarding some of the most basic settings of Facebook groups, such as changing a Facebook group name. This article will discuss how you can change your Facebook group name using your computer or mobile phone.

Why do you need to change the Facebook Group name?

Now, come to the main point! Why should you change the name of your Facebook group?

Simply- you just felt the necessity to change the name, that’s it, right? Maybe no! There might be a plethora of necessities. A few of them are shown below:

  • You still have the option to change your mind: Now, why did I say that in the first place? Because Facebook won’t allow you to change the name of your group once you have more than 5000 members. So, if you are yet to hit that 5000-member threshold, you can try changing the name of your Facebook group. But what if you did hit that? No problem, you can still proceed with this article because you might create another Facebook group for your business expansion.
  • The Trend is progressively varying: The talks were limited and discrete in some sense when it was a little community. However, once the community became colossal, then the trend of the group discussion would change in different directions. So, if you find that your group is now serving a different purpose which might be helpful for your business as it may extend its prospects down to the line, you may want to change the name.
  • You need to change the Group URL: Now, that’s the common reason why people change their Facebook group names. If your group is relatively young, you probably want people to be able to locate it through straightforward search phrases rather than through lengthy URLs.

Facebook Group name change using your desktop

Go through the steps below if you want to change the name of your Facebook group using your computer.

Step-1: Click Groups in the left menu which will lead you to the groups you manage.

First, go to groups to initiate the process of changing your Facebook  group name.
Type caption (optional)

Step-2: Tap on the group that you want to change name from the list of Groups you manage.

Select the group you want to make the change under the Groups you manage list.
Type caption (optional)

Step-2: From the homepage of the Facebook group you’ll find the Manage option at the left toolbar. Look for the Group settings and tap on itStep-3: A new tab will pop up on clicking the Group settings leading to the Set up group feature. Then, here you’ll find the Name and Description option. You may additionally write a description or edit the previously written description as a Facebook group description tells the newcomers how it serves the purposes.

Tap on Facebook Group Settings option which will pop the tab where you can make the change to your Facebook group name.
Type caption (optional)

That’s how you can change your Facebook group name via your Desktop.

Facebook Group name change using your mobile phone

Here are the steps you should follow if you want to change the FB group name with the help of a mobile device. The steps are almost the same for Android or iPhone users.Step-1: Firstly go to your Facebook group and tap on the ‘one star marked shield’

tap on the shield icon to start the process of editing your Facebook group name from mobile device.
Type caption (optional)

Step-2: Now, tap the Group settings.

Click on Group settings.
Type caption (optional)

Step-3:  Tap the ‘Name and description’ option.

Name and description is the option you are looking for to make the amendments.
Type caption (optional)

Step-4: Tap Save in the top right after changing the group name

Finally change your group's name.
Type caption (optional)

One thing you should remember, once you make the change within the next 28 days you can not edit your Facebook group name again. Wait til that deadline passes.

But a question may come to your mind why having a Facebook group is important and the reasons for changing the Facebook group name?

How much is a Facebook Group worth?

Facebook groups are not merely a place for social collaboration anymore. If you closely followed the trend, you could probably remember the Contribution of Facebook groups during the pandemic.Having a Facebook group for your business is a strategic advantage because it enables you to promote your brand almost out of cost and the benefits of Facebook groups are enormous. But the reasons for creating a Facebook group don’t really end there as it-

  • Helps you to grow your network in various dimensions.
  • Enables you to experiment with your product and test the market for the perfect product-market fit.
  • Allows you to create a brand family where your customers may promote your product by generating word of mouth.
  • Brings together the people of the homogeneous choices who can collectively generate ideas for your venture.
  • Helps you to collect leads whom you can turn into your customers with the touch of a tiny endeavor. Do you want to know how? Then continue reading!

Facebook Group as a Lead Generation Machine

Multiple ways are there to collect leads from Facebook. However, that’s not the important thing.

The striking fact is that Facebook group automation software like Groupboss can help you collect leads with just a few clicks. This small piece of Google Chrome extension can be a game-changing decision for your business. Groupboss helps you eliminate the menial task of manual copy-pasting and collect the leads for your business with surgical precision.

You can also collect unlimited leads from Facebook groups via Email with opt-in forms, using a Facebook group cover image, or simply adding a call-to-action button in the Facebook group description. But, again, for unlimited lead collection, using Groupboss is second to none of these tactics.

Activities you should focus on after Facebook group name Change

So, you are done with changing the name of your group! It’s a new name that hopefully adds a new bow to your quiver.

But that is not the end of the world! Focus on the processes and activities below to make your group super successful.

Final words

Changing the name of a Facebook group is as easy as you see throughout the article. The group name may not be changed more than once every 28 days. Select the name that suits your brand the best and ensure the audiences don’t face hard times searching for you on Facebook.