How to See New Members in Facebook Group

Learning how to see new members in Facebook group needs different methods across devices. This article will be helpful in learning how to do so on your desktop and mobile.

How to See New Members in Facebook Group

Being an admin or moderator of a Facebook group, you might have wondered how to see new members in the Facebook group. The more you see them, the more encouragement you get to grow the group for your business purpose.

This article will show you how to see new members in a Facebook group from your Desktop computer as well as a mobile phone. Follow the steps we suggested in the blog to find newcomers.

How to See New Members in Facebook Group

Follow the steps we discussed below to learn about seeing new members in Facebook groups from your devices.

From Desktop Computer/Laptop

1. At first, log into your Facebook account. In the left corner, you will see multiple sections where you will find your groups. Open the group where you want to see new members.

Step:1 How to See New Members in Facebook Group

You may also find the ‘Groups’ option at the top of your browser.

2. Then, select the group where you want to see the new members.

Step: 2 How to See New Members in Facebook Group

3. Below the cover photo of the Facebook group, a few options will appear, and you will find the 'members' section, as marked in the picture below. Click 'Members'.

Step 3 (Desktop)

4. The member's section has a multivariate category into which the members are divided. The categories are Admins & moderators, Group contributors, Friends, Members with things in common, Members near you, Pages, and then 'New to the Group'.

Step 4 (Desktop)

You can view every person that joined your Facebook group in the past 30 days under the "New to The Group" section.

This list contains those who have joined the group, as well as those who are currently observing the group in question. Anyone invited to the group and permitted to see the content there can do so.

From Mobile Phone

1. Firstly, open your smartphone and go to the Facebook app. You will find your profile picture at the top right corner, below the messenger mark. Click on it.

Step: 1 How to See New Members in Facebook Group

2. Now you will find the option ‘Groups’. Click on that.

Step 2 : How to See New Members in Facebook Group

3. Then, a new page appears where you will find the groups you are already in. You need to tap the ‘Your Groups’ option which resides between ‘For you’ and ‘Events’. Let’s tap that to see what happens next!

Step: 3 How to See New Members in Facebook Group

Note that you may also use the ‘Search’ button to make a specific group search which will save a bit of your time.

4. Now you will see two options: 'Pinned' as well as 'Other'. So, click on the group where you want to see the new members.

Step:4 (Mobile)

5. Now you are in your desired group. Click on the ‘Manage’ button.

Step:5 (Mobile)

6. A few sections will appear before you on a page which includes 'To review', 'Tool shortcuts', 'Insights', 'Settings', and 'Support'. Under the 'Tool Shortcuts' section (which is editable), you'll find the 'People' section by default. So, click on it.

Step:6 (Mobile)

7. Now under the search bar, you'll find a message from Facebook that says, "New people and pages who join this group will appear here. Learn More." Below that, you'll see a dialogue box that lets you know the number of new members in your group.

Step:7 (Mobile)

It will give you the option to write a post to welcome them, and if you proceed, you'll see the members' names in the status box.

How to See New Members in Facebook Group

A Note on Facebook Updates you should know

Facebook, as we all know, is pertaining to continuous updates and changes in its group features. The groups you’re using right now are way more polished than the ones you found a decade ago. However, Facebook is far from finished, and they’ll strive to bring more updates. This update won’t be uniform across borders, and people from different regions will find different versions. So, the steps mentioned above in both cases (Desktop & Mobile versions) are susceptible to changes, and that’s the only rule of thumb you need to know!

What’s Next?

If you are a Facebook group admin or moderator, you might have specific purposes to see who is new to your group.

It’s a good sign to see people eagerly joining as well as helping you to grow your Facebook group. As an admin or moderator of the Facebook group, you have to ensure that they learn your Facebook Group Rules.

However, you can’t afford to teach them the rules whenever they join the group. So, learning How to Pin a Post in a Facebook Group (that highlights the rules) is necessary too.

As an admin of a Facebook group, you should welcome your new members by creating Welcome Post in the Facebook Group.

If your reason for creating the Facebook group is to grow your business, you should go further. Learn to find the top contributor in your Facebook group and enable admin assist to make life much easier.

Create a poll in your Facebook group to help the new members get engaged and break the ice. Learn more about Facebook group engagement posts ideas to help new members make their mark. Reward the members with Facebook group badges.

Furthermore, sharpen your expertise by learning the usage of Facebook Group Admin Tools and Facebook Group Settings. They not only help you manage the new members but also help you take care of the seasoned ones.

Again, you can grow your audience, generate social media leads and convert them into loyal customers with the help of a lead-generating tool like Groupboss and turn your business into a money-generating machine!


Facebook groups are game changers nowadays for business leaders. If you are a businessman with its anchor strongly placed on such a platform, nurturing Facebook group members is necessary. No matter whether they are new or old to you, you must take good care of them to make your promotional campaigns stand out. That’s how generating leads via Facebook group will be simple as well as fun!