How to Find Top Contributors in Facebook Group

The members of a Facebook group who have contributed the most during the past 28 days are considered to be the group's top contributors. Here in this article,  Learn to discover them on both your desktop and your Android phone.

How to Find Top Contributors in Facebook Group

If you manage Facebook groups, then you know how much easier the management has been in the last few years. Everything is now under the group admin's control, from creating polls to Facebook group admin tools such as Admin Assist. Finding Facebook group top contributors and details is available now, which gives insight into how much the group members are engaged and what demographics they belong to.

This article will show you everything you need to learn regarding finding top contributors in your Facebook group.

Top contributors feature in Facebook groups

The top contributors feature in a Facebook group is a novel one that gives you the details regarding the top-performing members of your group. But, you can only see the top-performing members if you are an admin or moderator of the group.

Top Contributors

The top contributors in a Facebook group are determined by the number of posts and comments in the Facebook group. The members who have posted the highest number of posts and comments in the last 28 days are generally chosen by the Facebook algorithm as the top contributors.

The number of posts holds the most weightage which is followed by the number of comments. However, if you are an admin or moderator, your posts and comments won’t be subjected to the count.

You can see the date of the last update too.

Facebook group top contributors

Age and Gender

The top contributor feature in the Facebook group shows you the members’ age and gender details in a graphical view. Again, in the horizontal line, you will see the age demographics of the members, and the vertical line represents the percentage of the gender based on their participation.

Age and Gender

Top countries

This is generic data of the countries your members belong to (in descending order).

Top countries

Top towns/cities

This portion represents the towns or the cities the members belong to (in descending order).

Top towns/cities

Data export option

On the top right corner of the Facebook group Top Contributors’ page, you will see the download option which will enable you to download the information regarding, group growth, Engagement, Members (which includes Top contributors, age, gender, and location), and admins and moderators. You may select the fifth button- All to select all the data to download.

Additionally, you can select the date range which can be customized, and the file format (.xlsx or .csv)

download data in .xlsx or .csv

How to find Top Contributors in Facebook Groups on Desktop

The top contributor feature on Facebook is available under your group's ‘Members’ section. Likewise, we will show you the steps to find the top contributors in the Facebook group on the Desktop.

Step 1: At first, go to your Facebook homepage. On the left of the homepage, you will see the option ‘Groups’ or ‘Comminutes.’ Click it.

top contributor

Step 2: Select the group that you manage to see its analytics on the Facebook group Top Contributors.

Group select

Step 3: Click on ‘Manage’.

Manage section (Top contributors in Facebook Groups)

Step 4:  Next, Scroll down the section and go to the bottom. There you will see the ‘Insight’ section, under which you will find the ‘Members’ sub-section. Click it.


Step 5: There it is - The ‘Top contributors’ members alongside all other features we have discussed previously. Besides all Facebook group Top contributors, you will see the icons for the number of posts, comments, and likes they put in in the last 28 days.

Top contributors

How to find Top contributors in Facebook Groups on Android

In this part of our article, we will show you the steps to find the top contributors in the Facebook group on your Android phone.

Step 1: At first, go to your Facebook group and tap on the ‘one star marked shield’.

Top contributors in Facebook Groups

Step 2: Then, go to Tool shortcuts and select ‘Insights’.


Step 3: Now you will see the ‘Growth’, ‘Engagement’, and ‘Membership’ option at the top of the page. Click ‘Membership’.

Top contributors in Facebook Groups

Step 4: Finally, you will see the Facebook group Top contributors- people who contributed the most with posts, comments, and likes. Consequently, you will find the details of the gender, age, and other demographics you saw when we discussed the same process for the desktop version.

Top contributors in Facebook Groups

Facebook Group management tricks to help members contribute more

Members’ engagement in a Facebook group is critical. The more actively they participate in the group activities, the more engaging and purposeful the journey of the group will be. Top contributors, that’s why are the hidden drivers of Facebook groups.

However, as an admin or owner of the group, you can work out a few steps to induce the hidden potential of the group members to grow your Facebook group quickly. Some of the tricks are as follows:

The benefits of a Facebook group are beyond description, and if you know how to get the right type of people involved in your group, you can do magic!


Facebook group has been a game changer for businesses, and you can get unlimited leads through Facebook groups by using a lead generation platform like Groupboss to flourish your business. However, ensuring that you have the right audience engaged in the group activity is a crucial step. Learn the art of engaging the members and celebrating your top contributors to get the best out of your group and expedite business growth.